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Finally! I Get Out!

Okay, the post title is meant to be sarcastic....

Over an eighteen day stretch, I will have or will be dressed for fifteen of those days. CIFF (The Cleveland International Film Festival), lead into Keystone, which lead back to CIFF, which lead into a week of various events. April 4, 2023, day 12 of the dressed days.

This day I wanted to go to the Plexus Annual Meeting. For new readers, Plexus is Cleveland’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a member. I am starting to get traction on a few revenue fronts. Again, for any new readers, I am self-employed and have been since 2005. I have generated revenue into my company (me) in a variety of ways. Now I own, maintain and drive a truck, sell sublimated apparel, blog (a money loser right now) and pick up gigs here and there (CIFF was one). I am trying to develop a marketing channel for my apparel within the LGBT community.

The day out started at FedEx, printing and assembling packages to be mailed to various prospects in the apparel business. Me, doing what I need to do, in a blouse and skirt, no one paying me any special attention. One customer that came through while I was there was someone I have played pickleball with. We aren’t friends per se, but I knew who he was. His head never turned to notice me for a second.

Then over to the post office where my favorite civil servant again greeted me with a “Can I help you young lady?” If it were considered appropriate, I would give him a big hug. We had friendly chit chat while he processed my various packages.

Next stop, Darlafoxx, the bridal boutique for which I am a house model. I just wanted to see my friend Darlene and discuss a few upcoming shows I will be walking for her. She is just awesome!

With a few hours to kill, I headed to the mall and hit Forever 21. My, oh my, did I get the cutest sweater to go with a yellow skirt I just love!! It’s robin egg blue with adorable flowers of various color. Once I made the connection to the yellow skirt, it was mine!

Next stop, BJ’s for Happy Hour, which consisted of a few glasses of wine and a personal deep dish pizza. BJ’s was my hangout during my two months of improv classes. I am known there….

In checking my e-mails, I come to find out the meeting, previously announced for 5:30, was now starting at 6:30. One more hour to kill.

My beautiful waitress, Mariah, treated me so well! It’s just so nice getting the complete opposite treatment by the general public than one sees on TV, hears about by idiot radio talk show hosts or reads about on newsfeeds. I experience real life and for me, it has been amazing. I know that is not everyone’s experience, but I will also push back a bit that many (certainly not all) don’t make the effort to even try to mainstream their experiences, they try to stand out. That is a different kettle of fish, one I am not going to try and understand. My way, Dee’s way, many here in Kandi’s Land’s way, is to go out and be themselves without attempting to draw a reaction or negative attention to themselves.

So with another hour to kill, what do you think I did? Thrifting! I bought two dresses and a top for $3 total. One of the dresses I think will be too small, but I am certain I can flip it for more money than the whole shopping trip cost.

I then went to the meeting, being held at Cleveland Public Theater, one of my volunteer places. I felt right at home. I had two memorable conversations. One with the head of the company sponsoring this event, a large LGBT owned apparel company! After the meeting, I had a lengthy conversation with a young (to me) transwoman about developing her confidence. I also met her father, my age, I offered support in any way I can. Call me, text me, let’s have coffee, whatever. I will always help a sister. Quite the adventurous day.

Oh my outfit….yeah, kinda crushed it didn’t I? At that event (remember, it’s an LGBT event) I stood out for my style and look. Many came over to compliment me. Don’t know where this all came from, but I do know how to present myself. What’s next?


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi,
    That out fit is gorgeous as are you wearing it, just lovely. In two days I’m heading out for the ‘girls weekend’ in Kelowna. I’m really looking forward to the wine tour. I’ve never been on one before but have heard a lot of goods things about them. I am just beside myself excited. I’m hoping to have a lot of pics and a commentary on how it went to post on my return.

    Trish ❤️

    1. Trish,

      ENJOY!!! Savor it, you’ll find being out like that so memorable. I speak for our readers, we look forward to the story and pictures!


  2. Love that look on you my friend but to be honest you rarely disappoint in any of your looks, come to think of it I’m not sure I have seen a bad look. Some I could never pull off but not a bad look
    Yes be you get out and love who you are

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