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Busy, Busy, Busy

Been on a bit of a hot streak of late....

October 14, 2022 was the photoshoot for the Haute Ohio 2023 calendar! I am Miss December 2022, being the first featured model. I am honored and humbled by this.

We’ll address the actual shoot in a future post, but before we got started, I did a litle pre-photo shoot photo shoot. Jackie Bertolette is the kind soul that started me on the path I am on regarding modeling. Her lovely daughter Skylar took a few unique warm-up shots for me.

Well, that was fun!


For the first time since the plague settled down upon us, I returned to my church, October 16, 2022. They, as did most churches, shut it down and went YouTube for quite a while. But they stayed that way longer than most churches. After a while I got tired to checking to see if they got back to normal. I had an open Sunday, got into an adorable outfit and looked forward to going.

I got up this morning and stayed out of the way as my wife got ready for work. Then I dressed fairly quickly (for me) and headed out the door to run a bunch of errands. Did a little banking and then hit the Home Depot. I needed a few things and both people I encountered “ma’am’d” me (😊). Then to kill about half an hour, I browsed at Ross Dress for Less. Got a real cute pinstripe vest.

While there weren’t as many folks as pre-plague, it was WONDERFUL to be back. Many friends welcomed me with hugs, a few sat with me, a few others discussed the sad state of the Browns with me, all things that happened before we were rudely interrupted.

BTW, do you know how wonderful it is to go from place to place in a lovely skirt and be treated so well? Yeah, it’s fabulous!

A great outfit, public affirmation, wonderful friends, my soul refreshed, I went home and watched what I said would happen to the putrid Browns while I got my workout in. I remain the luckiest girl around!


October 9-12, 2022 I traveled to and spent a great deal of time in Arizona for numerous meetings on some exciting new business opportunities I will be involved in. One of which will bring great improvement and new services with and through Kandi’s Land.

There I did three photo shoots, which you will or have seen and bonded with some amazing human beings. The picture below is with my partner and now great friend Michele, for whom I will walk through fire to make these a success. There are many more involved, but I won’t share those photos here as Kandi is not involved with all the ventures.

Yes, I had a few…..

Check out the Calendar shoot!

Also check out the bridal video, in the upper right hand column of the blog!


3 Responses

  1. Kandi, once again you have proved that you are a force of nature! Every one of your posts is an inspiration and a reminder that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow what a busy time and the black blouse and skirt combo is lovely
    And can’t wait to hear more about this new opportunity for you.

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