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Another Full Kandi Day

All day, all Kandi!

October 7, 2022, all day, all Kandi!

First stop, pick up my race bib for a marathon the following day. Picking up the bib, no issue. Running the marathon, I sucked. But I ground through terrible foot pain to finish. I had to stop three times to remove my shoes (never did that before) to massage my feet into a workable form. My highlight, as we were grinding to the finish, a lovely young lady was struggling to finish. I encouraged her to hang in there and I would run with her. We did so for a bit over the final mile. I asked if she had run a marathon before, this was her first. I let her finish before me. My reward, a very big hug! My second reward, seeing her with her children, all very little.

But let’s get back to the day in question. After I picked up my bib (me in a dress, picking up my male registered race bib), I went to a lovely presentation by the Greater Cleveland Film Commission at The Cleveland Institute of Art.

I enjoyed the talk about what we have accomplished here in terms of the films dating back to 1978’s Deer Hunter to the recent Academy Award winning Judas and The Black Messiah and the upcoming Netflix film (winning many film festival awards) White Noise, starring Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Don Cheadle and me, in a background role.

There I ran into my great friend Cole, with whom I have taken improv classes, participated in many a From Cleveland, To Cleveland event and co-starred in the upcoming Ethan Coen movie! We went out afterward for a coffee and a chat. She is in the process of making her living as an actress and is a wealth of knowledge and connections for me!

After coffee, I went to a restaurant in Little Italy and enjoyed my carbo-load spaghetti dinner.

I wrapped up the day working my usual spot at The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Mix event, back from a long stretch of COVID cancellations.

I work the escalator, keeping drinks from making their way into the art galleries. My great friend Teresa was there. I hadn’t seen her since the plague settled upon us. I had a blast as so many people came over and basically said they always want to see what I am wearing when they attend a Mix. I have truly become a part of the fabric of this event!

I hustled home, caught a few zzzzzz’s and got up early to suck at my marathon. I will be back, somehow, someway!

Check out the Calendar shoot!

Also check out the bridal video, in the upper right hand column of the blog!


6 Responses

  1. I love the zigzag dress, you look fantastic. It’s wonderful to see you back in the middle of these events. I could never manage it, I’m such an introvert.

    Hope you’ve recovered from the marathon – I am keeping my fingers crossed that you make it back to Boston!

    1. Tina, Kandi brings out the best of me (believe me). I recover pretty quickly, the next day, but I have to continue to fix various maladies that plague me if I want to get back to what I used to be. I’ll figure it out, I continue to be a work-in-process as a human being. Love ya!

    1. Thanks Rach! I am blessed beyond words to have one thing going for me in my life, I have been and continue to be surrounded by amazing human beings. What a gift!

  2. Kandi,

    Saying you look fabulous modeling those bridal gowns is truly an understatement. Watching your cross dressing journey is such a treat and is always full of surprises.

    1. I just made a comment to Rach that I can apply here. For some reason, life as given me some tremendous struggles, but has balanced that out by placing so many amazing human beings in my life that have offered me some amazing opportunities, in both my “regular” life and in Kandi’s life. I always use that knowledge to crush anything that may depress me otherwise. And then I wander back into Kandi’s Land and beautiful women like you leave me lovely comments like this. Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️. Kinda needed this today.

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