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Well Planned – Nailed it!

This pleases me greatly!

By Jocelyn Johnson

I’m sure most of you will agree that planning a day looking beautiful is almost as exciting as the actual day.

I had an opportunity for a half day where I could truly be happy being a woman. A weeks worth of planning allowed the day to be special.

At our grocery store, five days in advance, they have a section for women and children clothing. After picking up some salmon and vegetables I decided to check out the apparel. A beautiful pleated long skirt virtually jumped into my shopping cart. I have been looking for one for quite awhile.

The next day I had a few moments before a hair cut appointment, so I browsed the local Thrift Store and found a fold collar sweater which would be great on cooler days.

I also checked online for a local nail salon. I have never had a manicure, nor had my nails painted. It was time to beautify my hands. I booked an appointment for first thing on my special day.

The well planned and greatly anticipated day arrives. It takes me about an hour to get ready. I eagerly head out wearing the new skirt and sweater, and wearing my hardly worn 3” block heel Mary Jane shoes. My first stop is the nail salon. I had never been in one so the process was quite illuminating. Jennifer was the lady who looked after me and she guided me through the whole manicure. We had a wonderful time talking as she did my nails. It took 45 minutes, much longer than I guessed it would.

Next I went to the local museum to take a few pictures of myself. Then off to a restaurant for lunch. I picked the British Tea Room (for Amanda J’s interest). There I was in a room with other ladies enjoying tea and a quiche and salad. The waitress was very friendly and called me “honey”.

Before my outing was completed, I stopped by the post office, picked up the dry cleaning and concluded with buying some nail polish remover.

I had a marvelous day being me. A woman going about her business and accepted for who I am.

“Nailed It”

Editorial comment: This made me so happy!!


2 Responses

  1. Jocelyn, great account of what sounds like an amazing day. I love the outfit too – that skirt obviously knew what it was doing when it jumped!

    And nice to hear that the day was rounded off in a British tea room – a much more refined place for a lady than that other great British institution – the local chippy!

    1. Thanks Amanda for the kind comments. I really felt wonderful, and everyone I met was welcoming and fun to be with. I love walking about while wearing a skirt.
      I did think the Tea Room was more appropriate for this particular day.
      BTW, I have been to a few “chippies” while I vacationed in England many decades ago.
      Be safe and stay beautiful.

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