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Travelogue – Gulfport, MS Day Two

Kandi on the catwalk!

Let me tell you a little about modeling and it also applies to acting. I am by no means an expert and I am by no means complaining, but if you are not a patient person, do not try either. I talked about my 16 hour shoot day on Wheat Germ, three of which I was actually “acting” (or whatever it is I do). On this day, December 11, 2021, in Gulfport, MS Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Model showcase was held. There were twelve designers walked and I walked five of them. The show was long and the day even longer, well over a seventeen hour day.

The model portion of the day started around 8:00 AM trying to get hair and makeup. Unbeknownst to me, the actual HMU crew all got COVIDed (new verb to add to Webster’s) out the day before. The last minute replacements should never have been hired, but circumstances were such that they could not be properly vetted (no one’s fault). So I waited well over two hours and paid for a half done makeover. I repaired to my room to fix it up and thought I did well. Then between fittings, meetings and a bunch of dead time, I was basically waiting until getting my first outfit on at around 2:45 for the 3:45 show start.

I made many, many friends and being who I am, drew many sweet comments. I met a trans-sister there as well, made me cry a bit. And I, of course, took pictures! This is my most-of-the-day outfit. You have to have clothing you can quickly get in and out of and you cannot be modest. I had many conversations with designers and other models while we stood in our bra and panties. We had models of my aged demographic, young (children as well), old, black, white, Hispanic, petite, full figured, male, female, every shape and size.

I had lengthy and meaningful conversations with quite a few other ladies. I developed a photo shoot arrangement with a beautiful woman from Texas, we shot photos of each other in our various outfits. I was sort of a mother hen there, helping where I could, chatting with many, being a goodwill ambassador, helping make many very happy and have fun. I am in my glory at these events.

That outfit you see me in above was important. The leggings were part of my final walk. Well someone, I am sure innocently, walked of with it. In the model room, we all grab a small space where we have our stuff, various shoes, undergarments, purses, phones, etc. So you will see with the final outfit, a cute sweater, I went with my jeans. All of the outfits, with the exception of the lovely blue Michael Kors blue dress, were from the designers. The MK is mine and was worn for a “People’s Choice” walk.

Final walk, No. 5
My first walk!

Because the red dress, spectacular as it was, was unforgiving, I didn’t eat or drink any liquids until after that. And I mean all day. I was scolded by a few for not hydrating, to which I responded that I usually don’t touch water until after the 13 mile mark when running a marathon (unless it is intensely hot) because it slows me down. I know what I am doing with my body. So I could not wait until show intermission to get a bite. The hotel had a limited menu, with a small kitchen. The size of the crowd and over 100 models, overwhelmed the only cook, so what did he do? What does anyone do these days? He quit. Walked out. No real food for me and since I had no wheels, not chance of real food as I still had a few walks left.

After the very long show, there was a very long time to tabulate all the results. I’ve seen Presidential elections settled in shorter periods of time. Then the awards ceremony. I won something (I am pretty sure we all won at least one thing) and one designer gave all the girls that walked them a free designer gown. So I got a brand new gown with a $450 price tag on it (sadly, it didn’t fit so was donated to Margie’s Closet)! I finally returned to my room well after 1:00AM. Exhausted, happy, looking forward to getting home and seeing my wife as I miss her when I am travelling.

Oh, but the best laid plans of mice and men………


6 Responses

  1. I continue to marvel over how relaxed and natural you are when you do these shoots. ‘Photogenic’ is one term which is probably appropriate, but it seems to be much more than that. To be a bit ‘racy’, it’s as if you are ‘making love to the camera’!

  2. Wow, I’m tired just reading this long drawn out day.
    You look great in all your pictures
    That purple outfit is really cute
    What a fun time, even if you were exhausted

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