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“It’s Been Discussed”

A simply delightful afternoon!

A direct quote from a director with whom I have worked, but we’ll get to that later.

Let’s start with some random minutia. This picture, taken by mistake, may be the most feminine photo I have ever taken. I just love it!

This was also the debut (although no one would know if it weren’t for the fact that I am telling you now) of my new eyebrows! My makeup skills just keep getting better and better. And I did not realize I put my necklace on backward until much later in the day, when I finally realized it. Oh well….

This wig may not be my absolute best look, but being the person wearing it, I have never worn one that I wasn’t aware was on my head. It is literally like it’s my own hair. When I assemble an outfit, I take into consideration which wig (therefore which look I wish to present) to wear. In situations where I will have less public interaction, this is a go to.

I wore one of the $1 dresses I picked up at my recent thrift store adventure. I felt cute and well put together and super comfortable in that dress for about ten hours.

Finally, in the minutiae category, I had consciously stopped looking for things to do and places to go and simply react to situations presenting themselves to me. Now I am seeking to cut back a bit as I have a full calendar for at least the next month and a half and have been burning the candle on both ends quite a bit of late. And none of this is because I am a night owl, but I am started to get a bit worn down. Plus I am looking at adding two additional revenue streams to supplement the one I currently have. Being self-employed, I don’t have a “job”, I have revenue streams.

Okay, back to August 13, 2022. I was invited by my director from the upcoming blockbuster “Calendar” to view his most recent (and first full length feature) “A Shattered Diamond” at The Indy Gathering, an independent film festival and networking opportunity. This film is currently running on Tubi, Amazon Prime and soon on Xumo.

A few days prior I saw that the festival was seeking volunteer help, so I signed on up! So I was basically the hostess for three blocks of films, starting the films on schedule and then introducing the following Q & A session. Doing this I met Bella. Bella is autistic and she stars in one of the shorts we screened. She is from LA. We chatted on and off over the course of a few hours. When I went to leave, Bella almost tackled me with a hug. I got to know her mother and some friends that were there as well. Here we all are in a few photos.

See, I don’t make this stuff up! Bella was an amazing actress. Her mother openly talked about her autism in the Q & A. You would have had no idea from her performance that she was autistic.

When I saw Nick, the director from A Shattered Diamond and Calendar, I told him to keep me in mind for future projects. He then told me it has been discussed. Apparently they discuss their extras and which ones they would like to feature in bigger roles in the future. Stay tuned here for any updates on my budding acting career!


10 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    Even before I read your intro, I noticed something that was just beautiful, your eyebrows, WOW!!!
    You are braver than most, love the lot.

    Your style is unbelievalbe. You go girl!

    $! dress, I need to go shopping with you.


  2. Kandi,
    Again so much to comment on . On an amusing note being cvaught out wearinh something back to front . I’m so use to wearing skirts that you zip up at the front and then spin tyhem round , I did this without thinking with a denim skirt before setting off to the supermarket , it wasn’t till I returned home that i realised all the detail was missing from the front so yes I had worn my denim skirt back to front !!

    So grateful you metioned the achievements of your autistic friend Bella , it gave me a lift knowing what they can do . My granddaughter is mildly autistic so we do worry about her future , I always try and be optimistic and hope she will do fine when she grows up .

    1. Bella was remarkable! Every one has a gift, it’s just figuring it out is the tough part, sometimes. I’m still trying to figure it out!

  3. Hi Kandi,
    Just a simple question on your eye brows. Did you wax/shave/pluck them that thin or is this a make-up hack?
    I’ve been getting mine waxed for years, but never that thin?

    1. Cali, First off, I have had them lasered into a size that still looks male, but is more manageable. Then I pretty much shave them off when I get dressed. They are still visible in male mode, but now I can make them up properly. I put my cover and foundation over them, making them nearly invisible and draw in the female one! I have large black glasses and often wear a hat when working or when I am outside, so no one can really tell.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks. Kandi,
        I was wondering how you integrated those brows when not Kandi.
        I go to an EWC and have mine brows waxed (shaped) and trimmed every 3 or so months, otherwise my eye lashes catch my brows and pokes me in my eyes. Like you, wide enough that the brows still looks male. Occasionally the technician will feminize them with some make-up before I leave.

        1. One thing to always remember, anything that you shave will grow back. Plus I always have a plausible explanation if someone asks, like I was trimming one (men do groom themselves) and slipped, so I just shaved both down and they’ll grow right back.

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