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Beats doing time!

Just a simple, basic day out. A simple, basic but well executed outfit. August 24, 2022 a shift at the art museum.

I left home and went to the bank. Then to the post office. Then to ULTA. Then I got to the museum and did my photo shoot outdoors.

I was flying solo on my shift, but I rather enjoyed it. I sat and wrote, set up many guest posts which you have already seen and had wonderful little conversations with many patrons. The sun shone brightly into the beautiful atrium, and I realized how lucky I was to be there in that space, being me.

Then on the way home, I stopped (remember what I was wearing) and picked up my race bib for an upcoming 5K, my first 5K in quite some time. I am trying to post a second course record for a pretty big race downtown. I hold the record for 55-59 years old right now and want to top that one as an elderly 61 year old to give me two records. Fingers crossed….

The following Saturday, August 27, 2022 started early, downtown at 6:00 AM. The Arthritis Foundation was holding is annual Rock The Walk. First one in three years because….yada, yada, yada.

You will see no photos here because I worked as myself and looked like crap to boot. I work events for this fine organization (I am arthritic myself, which I believe made me so awful in Boston) in both modes. I work running/walking events for them while Kandi gets all the fun stuff. A friend who works for the foundation asked where Kandi was (after giving me a welcome hug). I said she is too lazy for this time of the day. I helped set up the event.

After a three hour shift, I headed back home frankly because it was depressing. This event usually draws around 800 participants. This time, about 100 pre-registered and I’d be willing to bet only half of them showed up. This is the side of the plague that is overlooked. It crushed many, many charities. We all developed new habits in the past few years and attending events like this was one of the needed habits that has suffered.

This was the beginning of what was another busy weekend, which we’ll get to soon.

Post script: I ran the race referenced above (where I picked up my bib as Kandi) and did okay. I finished second in my aged group (or as I say “first loser”). I finished well into the overall top 20 in a field in excess of 400 runners. At the starting line, I chatted up a young, athletic looking African-American gentleman, couldn’t be much older than 30. I asked how fast he thought he’d be. He joked that I’d probably beat him. I said that I know I would beat him! I did, by about six minutes! A little solace. Father Time still remains undefeated…..

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  1. Hi Kandi: Congrats on placing so well in the run. I hope to be running again soon after physio gives me clearance. Until then, biking. I love your casual outfit. Kudos to you for all the volunteering you do.

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