Grace & Mercy Premier

Movie No. 2!

A while back, I posted about this movie I shot, playing two different background roles. August 27, 2022 was the premier!

The event sold out in 72 hours! I had to beg for a ticket and got one when one opened up. The red carpet was great fun. I really didn’t know anyone at the premier. My friend Kara was also in the movie, but she didn’t make this.

It is really wonderful to see your scene come up and see it in the context of the film. Then you know you are in there and where you are. My first role I was a brunette, walking behind the principal characters in the scene as they talked and walked through the office.

Later there was a scene in an outdoor plaza and I was a blond seated on a bench. Frankly, only I noticed me in the movie, but a few of my fellow thespians remembered me and said hello, including the film’s star.

So here is the photographic evidence of my afternoon and evening and the adorable sun dress I wore!

Finally, here we are to cap the evening, grabbing a bite and some wine on my way home.

A lovely day, all in all!

Check out our most recent photoshoot!


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  1. Wow, you look fantastic on the red carpet, Kandi! The dress is great, and I love the simple white shrug and red accessories you added. I assume that’s the star of the film in the picture with you. It’s so awesome to see your name (well, Kandi’s name) up on the screen!

    1. Thanks Tina! Yes, she was the star of the movie. This past weekend was The Cleveland Urban Film Festival and this was a feature movie. It was cool to see the local TV coverage of the movie, even though they didn’t show me….

  2. Love that dress Kandi it really suits you
    And how awesome to have your name in the credits they don’t usually do that for non speaking rolls you must feel special

  3. Kandi,
    That sundress is very pretty and your pics in the blue dress from the latest photoshoot are something special. You’re on some roll girl!

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