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It Never Gets Old, It Just Gets Better

I believe I am getting better at this all and nothing could make me happier!!

I took what I learned in DC and tried to duplicate some of it. Duplicating all of it would be impossible for many reasons. I did some things different with my makeup and was pleased with my presentation on this day, September 9, 2021.

So let’s first talk outfit. I stalked this skirt until it finally came to me at a buck. The blouse another bargain. 1 + 1 = fabulous! While walking down the street (in an admittedly diverse neighborhood), when you get two compliments from passers-by, you know you did well. I went orange with the earrings (drawing numerous compliments) and my lipstick and thought I did myself proud. I particularly loved the white pumps. No detail overlooked and that attention to detail is noticed.

The day started with the first shift at The Cleveland Museum of Art information desk. I was paired up with a wonderful lady I have worked with in the past and we talked and talked and…. I feel myself not only looking more like a woman, but definitely acting more like one. This isn’t like flipping a light switch, it’s a process. It isn’t something you do, it’s something you become. I particularly had fun with a bus load of Wisconsinites on a tour to New York, stopping in what I consider a much better city to spend the day while on the way.

After my shift, I hit my favorite clothing exchange and basically swapped a few of the dresses you have recently seen for a darling peplum top, a stellar skirt and a cute Old Navy dress that immediately screamed denim jacket to me!! Next stop, Goodwill for a cobalt blue Nicole Miller cocktail dress with the original tags on it (over $100) for $4.

I moved on for a Happy Hour Cosmopolitan and then picked up my race pack for a half marathon I’ll be running the following Sunday. It always pleases me to pick up race packs while dressed and no one looks at me cross-eyed. And when I do this, I give my actual name and they can obviously see that I am register to run as an aged male.

Last stop, ULTA. I love that place!! I picked up a few new items for things I learned on my recent makeovers, which were game changers for me. A lovely SA helped me and I simply enjoyed the ultimate feminine experience.

This never, ever gets old. It just brings a new level of joy each and every time. Be you!


Coming soon to a Kandi’s Land near you!

My freakin’ awesome Washington, DC photoshoot.

My amazing runway experience!

My television (albeit it brief) debut!

Who’s that girl?


4 Responses

  1. Kandi, I love the skirt, such a summery look – and you wore white shoes after Labor Day! (kidding, they are fabulous too!) I agree that this never gets old, but you always kick it up a notch with your wonderful smile and sparkling personality.

    I watched the video of the news item on the fashion show, but there was also a picture of you in the written article! I liked the use of the word “pose” over your turn on the runway in that gorgeous white dress. I can’t wait to read more about this exciting event!

  2. Kandi,
    Every day you become more of a woman, congratulations on becoming a famous beautiful feminine runway model. Lastly, Orange seems to be your color. You look fabulous, my dear.

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