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A Night at The Improv

This is actually happening, I am actually becoming a real actress. No, really I am!

Okay, it wasn’t at “The Improv”, but it was a night of improv. It’s time to take Kandi one step further toward being a real, honest to goodness, woman. In her glory. Public. Productive. Visible. Certain life circumstances will never change, I do not want to change, but I want Kandi to be special and this looks like it may be that platform. I made my first, on-stage public performance in an improv “mashup”. But there was so much more to this day.

I have no complaints about my outfit, leopard skin being my focal point. I felt very confident this day.

Stop no. 1 was the mall to cash in a free panty coupon at Victoria’s Secret. Always nice doing that, carefully selecting panties and the interchange with the SAs. Then I scooted across town to Margie’s Closet to drop off a few items and to sign up to work a shift every week beginning sometime in September.

My next stop was Third Friday at 78th Street Studios. I hadn’t been there is a very long time due to, well you know… Walking around I got quite a few “Hello, stranger” comments. Nice to know you are missed and nice to notice you are noticed. One funny encounter. A gentleman complimented me on my shoes, saying they were “fierce” and “not good for me”, after which he told me he is a gay podiatrist! I then got into a lengthy conversation with a lovely young woman selling jewelry. I really liked one particular necklace and when she told me her autistic son made it. Well, you know I walked out wearing that beautiful necklace for the rest of my evening.

Dinner time at The Bourbon Street Barrel Room. Now I have been there before, but not for a few months. One time (only one time) I drank Tito’s and cranberry. I walk in and am greeted by “Tito’s and cranberry”? Again, I am noticed and I am remembered. She later told me “We like having you here!”. Pretty good day so far, right?

Now it’s show time! I head across the street to Imposters Theater. I had zero idea what I was walking into other than, as per usual, I know no one at all. The theater was small. I was one of nine performers, and beside us the guy who runs the place was there (he is actually a working actor, having been in a number of known productions) and two, yes two, audience members.

We were split into two teams. You walk up there and some one gives you a cue. In our case, it as “candy cane”. One of the ladies up there with me immediately launched into a lengthy monolog on a childhood memory and how she lost a tooth on a candy cane. That morphed eventually me being the Tooth Fairy being interviewed by my boss for doing so well in collecting teeth, but maybe going to far by removing adult teeth. That later morphed into the Easter Bunny complaining to someone Christmas related saying how hard it was only having the eggs to give out while she had candy canes. I then jumped in and became someone responsible for Arbor Day and I berated her for complaining while all I had to work with were trees! That got laughs (kinda addicting, just saying) and it was very well received by my peers. The next team went using my cue of “monkeys” and they were fabulous!

The evening wrapped with after show drinks with most of the class. Yep, I am hooked!

The topper was my coming home and telling The Angel Known as my Wife all about my performance, before I went up to get cleaned up.

You do not have a heart if tomorrow’s post doesn’t touch you to the core. If you value this this place at all, PLEASE read tomorrow’s post.


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  1. Fantastic and bravo for you Kandi, you just amaze me more and more at how you have embraced so much of who you are and always with that great smile
    Love ya girl

  2. Having been a performer (musician) I know how hard it is to get up and put yourself out there. Kudos to you for all the experiences you so much enjoy. If there ever was a poster woman for “live life the fullest” you would be my choice.

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