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“I Love Your Makeup, Ma’am”

All day Kandi!

Now that one felt really good! A young lady complimented me this way while I was waiting to find out how many of my clothes one of my clothing exchanges would take. When I am addressed with a feminine adjective or pronoun, I really pleases me that my brain immediately processes that as me, I never hesitate to respond, a smile always paints my face.

This was a very full day as I got dressed about 9:00 AM and did not return home until close to 9:00 PM. Days like that fill me with joy. August 18, 2021 was my final improv class so I booked an art museum shift and went about my day.

The dress was a Piece Unique gem, as Terri and Lisa called it, the “Life Saver” dress. I waited until I could wear it a long time before I took her out for a spin. Blue, teal and silver were the color pallet and I was thrilled with my look (and feel) this day!

Stop no. 1, the west side Avalon Exchange, where I was able to sell a few pieces and took the cash. This is where I received the title compliment! Then I went to the east side Avalon, where I sold a few more pieces and exchanged them for a darling nightie and a skirt. That nightie was wonderful to sleep in at the end of this day! Then I headed to the art museum and took these photos.

I worked my three hour shift with a wonderful woman, who really knew her art! Me, as I have told patrons who ask art specific questions of me, I know where the restrooms and elevators are and am just a pretty face! Ann was delightful and I hope to work there again with her.

Time to boogie across town for dinner and improv. I believe I have done my level best to try almost every Happy Hour (and there are many) in this upscale outdoor mall where the classes are located. I sat at the bar, enjoyed my meal and felt wonderful.

Then, sadly, my last improv class, where I absolutely crushed it! I left it all out there, took chances, played to the audience (my classmates) and earned my laughs. I really bonded with a few of the younger woman there and afterward we exchanged hugs and me, tears. I do believe I am now hooked.

So much so that in two days, I will be walking on a public stage to test my improv chops. Could be interesting, could be a disaster, stay tuned!

Please, please, please read Friday’s post!

The most important thing I have ever posted.


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As you read today’s post, I am on my way to Washington, DC for a Vanity Club event. Twelve outfits in three days!! Casual, dressy, formal in many different circumstances.


4 Responses

  1. Kandi, you are gorgeous (as always) in that dress and those fab shoes. It’s definitely an outfit that deserves the full day you had!

    Have a great time in DC with the Vanity Club. I know you will regale us with the tales of your trip soon.

  2. A lovely look indeed Kandi, I see why you got that makeup compliment
    I only hope I do get better each time I do mine
    And now you have my attention on Friday’s post

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