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Scheming and Networking

Yes, the enigma!

I know, you are probably thinking that is me (and a mouthful of food) and an apparition. No, Sherry emerged from the Batcave and made a public appearance. And we actually took a photograph together as I stuffed my yap. Thanks for reaching out BFF!

June 13, 2024 I had planned to attended a Plexus networking event and Sherry separately asked if I were free this evening. So we had dinner and then attended the event together. The event itself was lovely, but for me, uneventful in the context of generating any meaningful business connections. But Sher and I dreamt up the next semi-annual “Very Sherry” celebration, this time a Christmas in July. Our idea is a cruise, something like a three hour cruise (I’ll pack an entire wardrobe like Ginger did). More soon….

Nothing more to report except I took what I thought to be a great photo shoot. A little inside baseball here. You all know I hate the iPhone selfie in the mirror thing. I am all about tripod and remote, framed and creative pictures. Well, at the recent Pride event, Grandma here dropped her remote, which immediately shattered. So I have a few more and got one all set up, or so I thought. Well, the damn thing would not work when I needed it, so I did the ten second delay thing and thought it worked out nicely. What do you think?

I was very happy with my makeup this day, the brows, how the dress and accessories and shoes all tied together and the exact right purse. Despite my obvious physical challenges, I am very proud of my presentation to the general public. And there is nothing like this, it’s my crack.

Going out with the enigma always brings me joy. Life and circumstances don’t always align, but when they do, my life is richer for it. To have a “girl” buddy would be nice. I have a lot of male friends and I treasure those relationships. So when it happens, I am happy for it. But otherwise, knowing the nature of the beast, I lay low until asked. Looking forward to the Very Sherry Cruise!

There will be a handful of outings over the next few weeks, but not many with life getting in the way. As I recently said, I am letting things come to me and now allowing life to guide me more than forcing things. This was it for me last week, one time out. A wonderful evening, but all I had. And that is quite alright.


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  1. Kandi,
    Like you I’m not one for the ” reflected selfie ” , I much prefer a good tripod and a reasonnable camera . Sadly much if not all of that equipment was finally sold off but annoyingly I realised I should have kept my Manfrotto tripod . Some of the out-takes from the ten second timer are priceless , for a while I used a long full length mirror alongside my camera to check the pose but nowdays I just get a friendly passer-by to take what I need . Even then some of them are priceless results , the times I’ve been caught out gesturing where the shutter release is , mouth wide open , arms waving frantically .

    Talking of your cruise made me think about again about mine for September 2025 , I panic occasionally thinking OMG what have I done !

  2. Kandi,
    Sherry and you look great, and I’m happy to hear you got together for dinner.

    As always, I love your dress and accessories.

    I too take my photos using the ten second delay. It’s a bit of a rush to get the pose right before the timer takes the photo.

    I’m glad you are taking life a little easier. Take care dear friend.


  3. Dear Kandi,

    WAS surprised to learn that you do not have a best CIS Gal friend. They are a treasure and particularly so as I have not discovered another FEMULATOR in my sphere. I am so much better for their support and understanding. Our conversations are always GIRL TO GIRL- Fun Talk. Although sometimes Woman to Woman when they need to unload about a female concern. In these situatutions I serve as their personal Doctor Phil.

    Marie Anne

  4. Hi Kandi,
    You and Sheri look beautiful it’s nice getting together with your girl friends now and then isn’t it. And as usual my fashionista friend you and the dress look gorgeous. I think it’s my favourite. Have a great weekend girl.


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