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A Night to Shine! 2023

If you get to give of yourself once in a while, you are doing great! Me.....three times in a week.

Need I say more?

Night to Shine is a complimentary event for people with special needs hosted by local churches around the world. The event is open to anyone living with disabilities, ages 14 and older. Although each event is a little bit different, some activities included are a red carpet entrance, limousine rides, dancing, karaoke, gifts, a catered dinner, a Respite Room for parents and caregivers, a crowning ceremony where every honored guest will receive a crown or tiara, and more – Night to Shine is a celebration of God’s love for YOU, our Kings and Queens!

My friend Natalia, whom we just saw at Go Red for Woman, told me about this a while back and I could not wait to get involved. February 10, 2023 was my day to be a “buddy”.

In the ballroom, there were 200 honored guests and 250 volunteers. On the premises, we had 500 volunteers total. If you have have lost your faith in humanity, turn off the TV, shut off your phone, Google “Night to Shine”, give your time and in return, your faith in humanity will be restored. That I can promise!

My buddy was Marlette and she was fabulous! She knew exactly what she wanted to do, we had our dinner and danced the night away! Yes, I danced, a lot. She had the mic and her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, that only I could really hear, would reduce anyone to a pile of Jello.

Marlette and I are on the dance floor and I get a tap on the shoulder. “Were you in my movie, ‘Grace and Mercy’?” It was the film’s director, who attends one of the sponsor churches and was shooting video of the evening. I, of course, lit up and said “Will I be in your next film?” So I got that going for me…..

These two photos mean so much. Friendship and love.

I sat at home afterward, reflecting on my great fortune!


6 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    You are a very special person. Giving yourself to such a great event is wonderful.

    I am sure Marlette will never forget that night and the beautiful women she danced with all evening. I don’t know if you fully realize the huge and positive impact you made in her life. Marlette will never, ever forget you.

    I believe there is nothing more spectacular you could do than volunteering for a Night to Shine.

    Well done.

    Plus you look fabulous.


  2. Wow my friend what a wonderful event and it’s really so great how you give
    As trans folks this is a story I wish those conservative folks could see and really understand that we are just people wanting to give back and not only that but that we do have love and caring in our hearts
    Kandi you’re such an inspiration to so many of us girls.
    Thank you for this and how you represent this community so well.
    I had a tear in my eye as I read this
    Hugs to you, Rach

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