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Life’s Been Good To Me, So Far….

Not sure I deserve all that has happened to me recently.

Thank you Joe (fellow Clevelander) for the inspiration. How’s that for an impromptu portrait!

September 10, 2021 rolls around and I have a second consecutive shift at the art museum. So I schedule a few bookend activities and get my day started off with a bang!

I may have mentioned that I was in the running for a runway modeling gig for two bridal fashion shows. The woman putting it all together is my friend Barbara Stitzer. She is a photographer as well as running the bridal shows and publishing Northern Ohio Weddings Magazine. We discussed a number of things. First, I did not make the cut for the bridal shows, but will be working them, which I am looking forward to. Secondly, I will be writing for the magazine, and may also contribute content for the web site. Again, something I enjoy doing. Finally, she asked me to participate in a photo shoot she will be doing in December. A designer will design a gown for me and we will be doing the shoot in a lovely wedding venue in Canton. Wow….. No words.

Before Barbara and I met for coffee, I took the opportunity to do an outdoor selfie shoot in a shopping area adjacent to the coffee shop. I was very pleased with the results and particularly this outfit that, all in, cost me less than $10.

That high was followed up at the museum, where I just had a ball. I am always treated like a lady by staff, other volunteers and patrons and that is so special. Under my mask, I smiled, joked, provided poor information and just was in my element all afternoon. I worked with a woman who emigrated a few decades back from Russia, she still has a thick Russian accent. She had a delightful sense of humor and plenty of interesting stories.

My final task for the day was to deliver the almost 200 items we collected at the recent Vanity Club event in Washington, DC to Margie’s Closet.

They were very appreciative. I spent some time there as I have before and walked away only wanting to do more. Danielle (whom you see pictured with yours truly below) and I talked about how we move forward. I am personally committed to this. She talked about a girl that came in just that afternoon after being thrown out of her home, needed some clothing. She talked about the girls that don’t like the club scene (not a bad thing) needing a safe space to dress and be themselves. My sisters did make a difference, but there is so much more to do. We cannot fix the world, but we can pick a small corner of it and help our sisters to follow. If you can spare few bucks, please donate here:

Love, the solution to the world’s problems.


Washington photo shoot coming soon!

Well over 25,000 hits in less than two months since we began counting!


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  1. Sounds like another great day, love the cute pants and blouse combo and yes those shoes work quite well.
    I think if I lived near you I would certainly enjoy being involved with you and some of your adventures
    My job here those isn’t moving and my time is limited so I will just continue to enjoy Kandi’s Land
    Hugs Rach

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