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A great outfit, a great friend, a great movie, what more could a girl ask for!!

This wonderful film is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Through my connections developed by working the Space Jam premier, I now often get free passes for movie screenings. It is rare that I go out (as Kandi) on a workday (not as Kandi) because the logistics of doing so can be daunting. But I wanted to see the movie, I wanted to maintain my connection with the woman that invited me and I wanted to spend the evening with Sherry!

Usually a rushed day like this leaves me harried, but I thoroughly enjoyed my evening, all of it! Sherry’s company, as always, was delightful. Her choice of restaurant, spot on. My outfit, LOVED IT!!

We spent an easy hour talking, two women, enjoying each other’s company and sharing. The movie theater was right next door and there I renewed my acquaintance with the woman I worked for on Space Jam. Then we settled in for the movie.

Without ruining it too much, it was about a senior in high school (in England) who wanted to be a drag queen. I’ll skip to the end where he (he referred to himself as “a boy who sometimes wants to be a girl”) shows up at the prom in the most beautiful white dress, knee length, belt, just my kind of dress! As has been the case of late, with me allowing my emotions to show, I was crying pretty good during the end. Oh well…..

A great outfit, a great friend, a great movie, what more could a girl ask for!!


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  1. What a great way to spend a girls night out.

    What’s interesting for me is lately I’ve been blending my girl and boy life quite a bit, wearing more gender neutral clothes and such
    Don’t get me wrong being full on girl is way more fun and it’s more me than boy me for sure

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