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The Week’s Activities

Just another great day out and being myself!

My week started with my evening with Sherry at the movies, not a bad start! Then, of course, it didn’t slow down and will culminate with my runway debut!

September 15, 2021: Back to improv! I signed up for another series of improv classes, which is a good 50 minute drive from our home. So I always want to make the most of the drive and my Kandi time. I packed up my PC and headed across town.

I cashed in a gift certificate I had won in a recent half marathon (I am now two-for-two winning my age group this year) and then got some dinner at Bibibop. The young woman assisting me was so sweet and complimentary of my accessories. I told her every girl loves a compliment and I was no different.

Then I grabbed the PC and set up at the bar of a favorite watering spot, with a favorite bartender. She, as usual, took good care of me. The place was packed and I sat there comfortably sorting through emails and working on the blog.

The outfit, simple and quite frankly, perfect for the day and for me. After I polished off my wine, I hit a marvelous sale, 70% off already reduced clearance prices. I picked up a staple item, wonderful black slacks and an adorable nightie!

Improv was delightful, as always. With the exception of one person, everyone was new to me. We played a number of improv games and I did okay, but had a few times where I blanked out, not able to come up with anything. It happens and is part of the learning process. I simply love doing this and adore my teacher! A ball of energy.

September 17, 2021: For the upcoming runway walk, my model assignment was with a group of models called “Visions of Drama”. I visited the designer/stylist to make sure I was well prepared for the following day. I spent almost two hours there and hit the grocery store on the way home. I’ll save a discussion of the awesome experience I had for my posts on the fashion show. I will share my outfit with you (I know, no news there). I recently wore this dress to a movie shoot and wanted to get her some more time in public. I will admit, doing those “regular” things in a dress is really nice.

I then returned home with the groceries and took care of a few things. I was scheduled to work a wine tasting event for our local Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, so I changed outfits and headed across town.

I had a great time. Like many times out, I knew no one going in. I poured wine for about three hours and played my role as carnival barker. That is always great fun! A very full day for sure.

Check out the DC Photo Shoot!!


10 Responses

  1. All such great outfits, my fav is the sleeveless blouse and skirt combo
    You just amaze me at all your activities and love reading about all your adventures.
    Such a beautiful lady indeed

  2. Kandi, I love all your outfits (the navy-and-white skirt is fabulous) and I am coveting your bag seen in pictures #2-3. And the sight of your ever-present smile calms me down after a stressful day.

    1. I wish I knew where that smile came from, but I am very thankful for it! I know it’s the key to my ability to so far move easily about as a woman. Thanks my friend!!

  3. Kandi,
    You really are an adorable feminine woman. We should all be so lucky as you are. What a confident beautiful female!

    1. Sue Anne, yes, I am indeed lucky, as it relates to this aspect of my life. But like everyone, I do have my issues and struggles in other aspects of my life, which I have shared in the past with my readers. Life is all about give and take, gifts and challenges, circumstances. But overall, I am a blessed and fortunate woman!

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