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Flashback: Drinks with Michelle

Another Dee classic!

I have written about many adventures with my friend Michelle. So let’s look back at a night out in June 2019.

I needed a day out because I was leaving shortly for a two week trip to Italy to meet up with my wife, who was already there. Plus, my friend Karla was working–always an added bonus. After I tried on a boatload of clothes, we had lunch together.

Karla had been off for a couple of days so the return racks were crammed full. Karla didn’t like that she had been left with the cleanup, but it meant I could poke through the rack and find things my size, including some things I generally don’t try on.

I wore a cowl neck top Michelle had given me (Hand-Dee-Downs) paired with a new skirt I bought a couple of weeks prior. I was texting with Michelle and she said I looked “sassy” in the orange top and white skirt. I thought the one shoulder dress was actually a top but I discovered it was a dress. Not something I would ever wear, but fun to try on.

In the rack with the returns was a white skirt that was half off ($20). I tried it with various tops and found the top Navy blue top. I told myself I could never wear a white skirt, but I texted Michelle a picture of the combination and she loved the look. I texted back if she would meet for drinks after she finished work I would wear that outfit. The decision was made (the top was 40% off, and at the high end of my price range, but I decided it was worth it–and a year plus later, it’s still one of my favorite outfits).

We met after her work at 9 and drank (a little) and talked (a lot) for about 2 1/2 hours.

Trying on clothes, lunch with one friend, drinks with another, and some new clothes, doesn’t get much better than that…

P.S. At the end of the night, Michelle said that some time she wants to borrow my white skirt. I said absolutely yes (it has been so much fun seeing her wear my stuff, especially as she has given me a lot of Hand-Dee-downs).

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