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“Frequent” Time

As you can see, they have the good cherries!

Of late, I have had to explain myself to others. I have had to do so at various medical appointments as well as in a few business situations. I simply let people know that I am not full time, I am frequent time. I dress in any and every situation I possibly can. So here are a few of my frequent times this week.


The top….$0.99. The skirt, not much more. The shoes, maybe $3. The look….I’ll let you make that determination.

April 21, 2023, the fabulous Cleveland Museum of Art held their volunteer appreciation event. I could not go last year and the plague canceled the previous two, so this was the first time in a while and it was sorely missed.

I made sure I got this outfit out in front of as many people as I could, so I stopped at the bank. Then I hit my favorite Happy Hour on Playhouse Square. It was Lizzy’s 30th birthday (oh to be young again….). I had some ice cream cake, collected my hugs and had a few cocktails and then it was off to the museum!

When I got there, I simply loved every minute of the evening. I have quite a few friends, I am known, many walk up to talk to me. It’s so great when someone comes up and says, do you remember me…. Yes, I am truly blessed. How I became an integral part of a world class art museum, I have no idea. But I have and for that, I am very thankful!


April 22, 2023 I had two free tickets to see “Becoming Dr. Ruth” at the Cleveland Play House. I invited a young transwoman to join me. She has been in transition for a few years and it has been difficult. We got to spend a few hours together, talk and I hope, I helped her gain a bit of confidence.

The play was one I really had no interest in seeing, but was blown away by it. It was a 90 minute, one-woman show. Dr. Ruth’s story is amazing and the actress was unbelievable. We had a great time!

I walked my friend through my favorite spot on Playhouse Square (where Lizzie works) and gathered a few hugs. I wanted to show her that there are quite a few good people out in the world. She is not feeling that people are her friend. I get that, but I have learned to get over that and seek the positive. But I am also more than double her age, so I’ve seen a few more things and learned a few life lessons along the way.


Finally, April 23, 2023 I had rehearsal for the upcoming bridal show. So I took the opportunity to get all cute and go back to my church. If I could only do one thing dressed, it would be to attend services, particularly these services. I walk in and am always greeted by the pastor and asked to attend more frequently. Life and logistics prevent me from attending more often, but when I see the opportunity, I take advantage. I got plenty of hugs and sat with two of my favorite people, Judy and Kitty. It was simply wonderful.

Between services and the rehearsal, I had an hour to kill, so I hit a local pub, watched the Cavs try to remove the chicken bone that appears to have been lodged in their throats (would you get ONE F’N REBOUND!) and well, you know…

As you know, I was able to get Sherry included (you do remember Sherry…..) in the harem of models. I also got a great friend from acting class, Nicole, included. Nicole is what we shall say, vertically challenged. But she more than makes up for it with a great attitude (leaning toward sarcastic, which I do like) and a luminous smile. Also another fellow model/actress, Terri, will be joining in the fun!

Rehearsal was fun, getting together with the girls (most of which are far younger than I am) and working on our walks. I am still awed by the fact that this old transwoman has made her way into the peripheries of the modeling industry.


Three fabulous outfits! Wonderful people everywhere, at the bank, at the museum, at the restaurant (twice), at the theater, at church, at the pub and at the bridal boutique! Lucky, that’s me!


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  1. KANDI.



  2. Three fabulous outfits for three days of “frequent time” – my favorite is the yellow and blue top with the solid yellow skirt. Being someone who is out (very, very) infrequently, it is always reassuring to see your smile and read about your days, mundane or not. It gives me confidence that I can be myself when that rare occasion comes.

  3. “I simply let people know that I am not full time, I am frequent time.”

    I love that answer for those of us that consider ourselves Trans but don’t do a full time transition due to logistics. Like you, I dress as much as I can get away with.

    1. Thanks dear!! Usually, I ask myself, why wouldn’t I dress for whatever. You’ll soon read about a good example of that.

  4. Yes I agree that’s a great line not full time just frequent time
    If I’m actually fluid so I am in makeup a lot more often then I’m fully enfem but that’s ok too cause it works for me.
    Love the outfits and wow for what you paid for the top and yellow skirt you made it look like a million bucks

  5. Kandi, I enjoy your stories of your outings. I hope someday in the future to visit your fine city. It was so nice to see you at Keystone. Keep up the good work.

    1. And we all know it’s work…….Okay maybe not. Thanks Terri, I just made sure the welcome mat is still in front of the city!

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