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Hugs, Hugs, Hugs

Oh my......

I have previously talked about hugs.

We have recently discussed getting clocked and I talked about how that got me so many hugs. So I thought I would give a little retrospective. All of the following are not even close to the number of hugs I have received in public. All are pre-COVID, 2019 and prior. These are only some (not nearly all) of the ones that were photographed. All gave their permission for me to post these when taken.

If you are a new reader or are a skeptic, I get that. But, Your Honor, for your consideration, here is tangible evidence that I do in fact not fabricate anything I have said here in Kandi’s Land.

Damn, I do get around, don’t I? I don’t often cry at any of my posts (except maybe to look at how bad I can look), but this one……..this one got me!

I solved the riddle and I am back on Facebook!!!


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    Hugs are definitely never overrated. They mean acceptance each and every time. You post is so affirming, to you and for us all!


  2. you have so much fun getting out and about That is great keep having fun no matter how you are dressed People love you for you
    Thanks for all the great posts

  3. My oh my the different looks of Kandi
    And I think I can say this without offense some good and well some looks not so good.
    However the transformation over the years is amazing and in this girls opinion you are looking fabulous and so much more beautiful as the years go by
    Love ya Rach

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