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Skin Deep Beauty

Words to live by.....

By Nora Simone

Lounging in a fancy hotel lobby on a Saturday afternoon, I’m wearing a silk dress custom made just for me. In some places the dress fits like a second skin. In other places it flows like it should to accent otherwise subtle movement. I felt beautiful, but not for the obvious reasons.

With the gold Bentley photobombing me in the background, I now feel compelled to explain more about my feelings. Turns out, that Bentley and I have some things in common that relate to beauty.

Sure, appearance is an initial indicator of beauty. Its what many strive for. Many viewing the Bentley would say it’s beautiful…..right?

However, those who get to know the Bentley by driving or riding in it understand how deep that beauty is. Appreciating beauty comes with experience.

Beauty is the sense you feel deep beneath the surface. It’s not related to your height, weight, measurements, race, perfect makeup, fashionable clothes, hair or eye color, or anything that is easily seen.

Instead, for me, it is an internal sense of pride felt by doing good for others.

If the Bentley had feelings, it might be happy to know it was appreciated for providing a superlative experience and thus feel beautiful.

Similarly, I feel beautiful when helping contribute to the happiness others experience.

That is how I felt at the moment this photo was taken.

So, I’m simply saying that its possible to make yourself beautiful by being who you are…..deep down inside.

If you feel beautiful, it will show.

Be beautiful my friends…



16 Responses

  1. Hi Nora:
    Thank you for the words to live by! Although appearance may get your attention at first, true beauty goes way beyond the superficial. You are achieving it with this photo, and proving it with your words. Quite frankly, i didn’t even notice the Bentley!
    All the best,

    1. Thanks! I still find myself being deceived by superficial appearances. It’s a challenge to think otherwise. Sigh

  2. Nora,
    The old saying is beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ! Bentleys have produced some beautiful cars and as some discovered it was skin deep because the looks didn’t always relate to how easy the car was to handle . Some women can be stunningly beautiful but as human beings not so nice to know . So you make a good point about beauty being part of inner or deeper feelings because a truly beautiful person is beautiful in many ways .
    I love the dress and you look wonderful wearing it .

    1. Thank you for commenting on my dress. It is special to me too.
      Why do many of us have to learn bout beauty the the hard way?

  3. Dear Nora,

    Thanks for sharing these lovely thoughts with us all. You are a beautiful lady in every way……..Lisa.

  4. Dearest Nora, your wisdom is an important part of your beauty! As someone who has experienced a few adventures made posible by and with you, I can testify that you have immense beauty; not only the kind that is evident when one sees you, but, most importantly, the kind that radiates, through your kindness, thoughtfulness and unselfishness, to those around you!

    Having said that, not everyone is able or capable of achieving that intangible beauty. It takes a wise and highly developed soul to get there and even then, the person must know how to use it properly. In that regard, you are the most beautiful person I know! God bless you!

    1. Lovely Cristy,
      You exemplify beauty like no one else: kind, insightful, and caring for others often above yourself.

      God has already blessed me by ensuring we met in this lifetime and it is exciting to know we re not yet done.

      Trust, commitment, and love are the three things I’ve learned are important from you.

      Thank you.

  5. This is so true, there are many people who when you see them think oh how beautiful
    But unless you get to really know them that beauty is only on the outside
    We all look in that mirror and think how can I ever be as pretty as her or something like that.
    Well just be you, show others your beauty is way more than that person in the mirror
    The world will be a better place for it
    Love you all, beautiful people

    1. Rachael

      Your words are true.

      It’s like we all know what it takes to get into heaven, but people mostly still do not do it. Why?

  6. I am 72 Years old. I have dressed off and on forever. I worked for Bentley for many years until 07/2021. Your words struck a chord. Thank you!

    1. Charlene

      Thank you for confirming my analogy. It was good to read your experienced POV.

      Curious – Wondering what car you drive nowadays.

  7. Nora,

    Those are lovely sentiments expressed by a lovely lady in a lovely photo.
    Have a wonderful new year.


  8. The Bentley is beautiful even though underneath it’s an Audi.
    Most people know that.
    It’s dressed up so well not so many people really care.
    An excellent prop for your background.

  9. Sandra,

    Agree, yet do we have any idea what hides beneath our skin deep appearances?

    The Bentley is consistently an Audi. We people are, on the other hand, a mystery.

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