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Grace & Mercy

Movie no. 3!!!!

The creators of the hit film Banger and A State of Mind presents their newest feature film, a romantic comedy, Grace & Mercy:

While climbing the corporate ladder, Grace Lawrence has worked herself to death…literally. But getting into Heaven isn’t that simple. She now has 7 days to learn all of life’s lessons before she meets with “The Most Merciful” who will determine her ultimate fate.

Well, that was enough for me to apply and was enough for this to be the third movie I am in! And again, I believe I am in the movie! And again, for maybe two to three seconds.

This is my third movie. This is my second movie with my friend Kara! That makes me so very happy. I am in two scenes, this being the first. On September 26, 2021 we reported to work at 8:30. The scene involves a law firm. Kara plays an office worker at her computer. Me, an office worker who gets to walk past the principals in the scene as they talk.

We were on set for about three hours to shoot about a minute to a minute and a half scene, but I guess that’s how it works!

Kara and I stopped for a light lunch afterward and talked about the great things we have been able to get involved with recently. She is in another scene in Wheat Germ (the Netflix movie where we met) and I could not be happier to have such a creative and wonderful friend like her.

This photo was taken by Kara from her seat on set and me positioned for my walk on camera. Yes, I do look like I am two feet tall behind a giant jumbotron.

On set, I met a number of people that are also involved in many creative endeavors around town. Network, network, network.

The following Saturday, October 2, 2021, I was back on set as a different girl, again playing my specialty, background.

I believe I did a pretty good job to look like someone different than the woman you see above. I have always wanted to do something special with this skirt suit. Not often will you find a thrift store suit like this, large top, small skirt. Like it was made for me!

This was an outdoor shoot, the weather was perfect both in general and for the specific shoot we were doing. Our scene took place with the main character going to work, only she had died and didn’t know it. So we were in purgatory. I sat on a bench the entire shoot. The director took a number of close ups of each of the extras reacting to the scene, so I am cautiously optimistic I will be in this scene as well.

Being outdoors in downtown Cleveland, we were surrounded by homeless people (many inebriated and loud) and pigeons. Here is a photo of many of my co-stars!

It was again a wonderful experience and I keep building a resume that may lead to….who knows? Maybe nothing, maybe something. But great fun!

In closing, I am enamored with this picture. The casting director took it almost as an afterthought while walking toward me. It is a great picture and I still cannot believe, it is ME!

As you can probably guess, my Kandi day wrapped at a local craft brewery. Nothing pleases me more than parking my behind in a crowded place, not being particularly noticed and having the wait staff, be they bartenders, waitresses, whatever, treat me like gold!

A Little More: In less than the three months since I figured out how to do this, we will blow through 40,000 hits. Are we gaining any traction? Not too bad for a non-Top 100 site!


10 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I am so jealous! You are quite the celebrity in Ohio! Next it’s on to Hollywood to receive your Emmy.

  2. Amazing, amazing how far you have come
    You have such great enjoyment in all that you do.
    Yes agree that picture on the bench is beautiful and yes you look beautiful in it

  3. The office dress is cute, but I love the skirt suit for the second day of shooting. The sizing difference for people like us makes it almost impossible to find something that fits both top and bottom. Did you wear a tank top under the jacket?

    I’ll be adding Grace and Mercy to my list to watch when it comes out! ❤

    1. Tina, you really cannot see it, but I wore a great cami underneath. I struggled with the accent colors, going through necklace after necklace until I landed on one of the first necklaces I ever purchased with the intention of keeping it. Then everything fell right into place. Being the method actress that I am, playing my specialty as background, I thought both outfits fit my character so well!!

      Movie no. 4 coming soon!!

  4. The Oscar (or Emmy) for classiest actor in an extra role goes to Kandi. In the words of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, “I’m ready for my closeup now.”

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