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Walking Visions of Drama

The final walk!

The gown is full length, open in the back with beads across the back. When it was first shown to me, the model wearing it only wore a pair of boy shorts. I said that wasn’t going to work, so I wore a black tank top and leggings, along with the boots.

As you watch the video, as well as the others, you will notice an older African-American woman sitting at the end of the stage, to the right. That is Kayla’s Mom and my biggest fan! We met and I felt like her daughter right away!!.

Here are a few more runway looks.

Me goofing around backstage.

My sisters and I.

Kayla, I love you for how you very quickly allowed me to be one of your girls!


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  1. Ok not my style lol but you make it look great
    Oh and yeah I get the not wanting to wear just the boy shorts lol

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