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Walking Diva’s Treasure Chest and Foot Fetish Boutique

Walk no. 2!

This outfit was the most “me”. A cream halter dress, thigh length. The boots were the interesting part and were definitely a challenge to walk in without embarrassing myself.

Another runway photo and photographs of me being photographed.


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  1. Kandi, I love this dress too – you look amazing in the video and pictures! The boots are not really my style, nor do I think they are quite right with the dress. A gold heeled sandal would have been my choice. But you did great navigating the runway in them.

    1. Tina, while I cannot argue about what goes with what, this is what they do at these shows. They throw things at you, you put them on and walk them. Any questions, they replace you. Models are literally clothes hangars and they tell you that going in. But that said, I felt heavenly!

  2. Oh my I love it, would love to give a cute pair of boots like that a try sometime
    What a great time that had to have been
    Your such a doll my friend

  3. Kandi,
    And you said that you were not a runway model! Your a perfect example of an every day feminine woman not those stick thin 100 pound anorexic girls you see in most runway shows.

  4. Kandi I so love your outfit. Your hairstyle dress and boots are totally me and I would love to go out looking as beautiful as you. I would definitely add that outfit to my wardrobe. Thanks for the pictures and all the pictures and your blog which I love reading. You sure do make my day and inspire me to continue being my feminine girly self. Thank you.

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