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Walking Victoria Henley

Walk no. 1!

This was my first walk, a silver wrap dress, so the fit was very easy. Victoria was asking if anyone wore a 10, my hand went up as I passed her, she tossed me the dress and off I went! The shoes here are my go-to nude pumps, so I was very comfortable for my first trip down the runway.

Here is our spokesmodel……

Another runway shot and one pretty happy girl!

Subsequent to the show, Victoria has invited me to participate in an event in December in Mississippi. This will be my first trip to Mississippi and I know I am way over my skis! Not only was I invited, she called me and we spoke on the phone at length. I will have a bridal phot shoot on one weekend and this event on the next. What have I done!!


10 Responses

  1. Oh my a trip to do a runway show
    You go girl, how exciting and you wore it well my dear proving that women come in all shapes sizes and genders
    Love it

        1. Thanks dear, but I’m not sure a career is something that costs you much, much more than you earn from it! We’ll see where this all goes….

  2. Love the dress, Kandi. I appreciate the video, it makes you more of a “live” person to your readers, not that we actually needed more. I caught the little wave as well. Congrats on the repeat gig. That one close up pic, just lower chest up is great; very powerful looking.
    Take care

  3. So simple, yet so beautiful! I love the little hand wave to the camera. And now you’re traveling for more shows? This is an exciting opportunity for you, and an amazing reminder for us of what can be accomplished with the confidence of showing our true selves to the rest of the world. Bring on the other dresses!

    1. Thanks Tina! The wave was to a friend. Yes, I am walking another show, but as I am learning, you pay for the opportunity, so this may be my last one.

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