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Let me back it up first.  I’ve been getting laser hair removal for nine months and while expensive, it works great save for the stubborn grey hairs.

I didn’t laser my face either and they recommended I see and electrolysis technician.

I finally went for a 15 minute trial session.  She asked me a few questions and explained what it was.

She was very nice with preparing me for what to expect.  She said laser works faster but is very expensive. I know that to be true. Doing my whole body to be baby ass smooth took eight sessions. One more to go!

But the laser doesn’t detect grey hair so I put off phase two until I was almost done.

The face wasn’t a candidate for laser so today was the day to give it a whack.

She mentioned that under the nose and upper lip were the most sensitive areas and put on a light numbing lotion.  She said she goes into each hair root, zaps it with electricity and some other stuff I didn’t pay attention too. She then pulls it out. 

Three to four weeks later, the little bugger grows back but each time it is lighter and lighter until BINGO… no hair.  This could take a year or more.

It can add up in the cashola department and you need to be consistent, so be aware.  Prices are about $56 for 15 minutes and $97 for 45 minutes.  Of course prices will vary.

The key word today is PREPERATION.

This entire session was simply to prepare me with information and to see how it felt with both sensitive and non sensitive areas so I know what to expect.

PREPERATION separates winners from losers in virtually every area of life.  “Wing It”, or not.  Big difference in success or failure.

Do you have a plan for what you want to achieve in life?

INTENTIONALITY is a key factor.  You should be making decisions that are NOT AT RANDOM but have a PURPOSE.

Don’t get me wrong, having fun and going for it has its place and those who know me are aware that I like to push the envelope when I dress and go out. 

But most other times, I have a purpose as to why I do what I do. Even the way I dress has a purpose which is to expand my comfort zone.

Look at your life. Are you SLEEPWALKING through life, going at whichever way the wind blows? That wind, for most people will crash their boat on the rocks of life.  But the enlightened simply turn their sail and use the wind to their advantage.


Now you know.  Have a plan. Make conscious, intentional decisions to make the plan happen.  Adjust when necessary. Then party like it’s 1999.

Be Strong. 💪

Gwen Patrone


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