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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Still getting out there....

November 30, 2022 was the ILEA Holiday Party. ILEA is the International Live Event Association. It was an ugly sweater theme, but I hope my sweater wasn’t considered ugly….

I told people I didn’t know we were allowed to wear pants!

I saw a few folks that I had met in the past and made some new friends. I was chatting with some folks when a woman came over and introduced herself to me. She told me I looked like I was alone (which I was) and that there was a vibrant energy about me. I’m going to have to do something about that!

She was a delight and we had a nice time getting to know each other and some of her friends. When I first arrived, I hammed it up with someone you might know.

I followed that up the next day, December 1, 2022 with a volunteer shift at Cleveland Public Theater. I thought I looked pretty good, so I did a little mall walking and then had a beer while I did some work and emailing stuff (sorry if I am being too technical….),

These two days are the beginning of quite a few Kandi days. Be careful what you wish for out there. I am NOT complaining, but Kandi is now a business woman and as such, she is having to get out a lot. Fun, of course, but when her alter ego goes out, it’s about 5 minutes of prep. Her…..well, you know, she’s a lot of work!

The shift at CPT was uneventful with one exception. I was scanning tickets when a mother and her two children came up. I chatted with Mom as I scanned and the little boy kept saying “that sounds like a man”. Mom apologized, but I told her this is how we all learn. Didn’t bother me a bit, I do sound like a man. Now if that had come from an adult, maybe a different story. As the great philosopher, Popeye, once said “I am what I am”.

What could be next……


8 Responses

  1. It’s so fun to go out as ones true self. A simple walk in the mall ,checking your emails, and having a Yuengling. Some of my best outings are the ones that are not planned. Jen on her adventures living the life of an everyday gal. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. You look great! Kids do say the darndest things….

  2. As usual, Kandi, you look fabulous in both outfits. I love the black and white skirt and that comfy-looking sweater. Being silly with the Grinch made me smile! 😆

  3. Super cute sweater dress and topping it off with the boots is perfect
    Yes we are who we are and I admit some days when I’m about to go out and look in the mirror I think I’m looking a bit manly
    I use to be nervous when I could tell but now I just grab my purse and head out the door because I’m me and it’s ok to be me
    Love ya Rach

  4. Hi Kandi,
    I haven’t known you that long but I found it doesn’t take long to understand what a vibrant, outgoing women you are. It truly amazes me the amount of get up and go you have, and with how your schedules seem to be, Sister you need it. I don’t think I had that much when I was in my 20’s. Have a great day Kandi. Oh, and as usual you look beautiful in all the pics.

    Trish 💖

    1. Trish,

      I was given this gift known to you as Kandi. You are not familiar with much of the difficulties I went through in my life, so I cherish my Kandi time and seek to do the most I can with it. I had a conversation with a friend of mine (cis woman) in the fashion and modeling industry today and she said there is something about me and I know that. Here’s the secret….don’t tell anyone… makes me so HAPPY!!!!!

      Be you always Trish,

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