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Go St. Louis sponsors two major running race days during the year, a marathon and shorter races in the spring, and a Hallow-Dee-n half marathon and shorter races in October. In 2017 the Go St. Louis marathon was my last marathon (as in the last one I did and the last one I’m going to do). I then limited myself to half marathons, including the 2021 Hallow-Dee-n run in Dee mode. In 2023 I decided to drop down to the 10K distance, and won my age group in both. Thus, it was pretty easy to decide to compete in the 10K this year, aiming for three age group wins in a row.

One of the requirements is picking up your race packet the day before the race. For a couple of weeks prior, I mentally debated whether I should pick up the packet dressed. I wasn’t worried about running into anyone I knew–I don’t belong to a running club or anything like that, so I don’t really know many runners. The only concern was my presentation wasn’t going to match the name on the packet, and dealing with the people handing out the packets. I finally decided it really didn’t matter whether the person knew that I dressed, because they didn’t know me. In short, like a lot of times in the cross dressing world, our worries are greatly exaggerated. 

It was a reasonably nice day so I decided to wear an Akira top I had not worn before, under a pinafore dress from Australia, one I had worn previously with a combination of tops. I combined it with my multi-purpose jean jacket. I decided it was a reasonably sporty look for the occasion. 

The pickup location was St. Louis Union Station, the former train station originally repurposed as a shopping mall, and then again as a tourist attraction. I’d been a number of times in boy mode, but never as Dee. That was part of the appeal in going dressed.

Walking in–there were a fair number of other race participants and other tourists–was a non-event, as was actually getting my packet. I had my race number so I just had to ask for the number (and not my name). The volunteer gave me my packet without a fuss and I was on my way.

The next mission was to find some backdrops to take pictures. There is a main hall where I had previously been for a dinner and a wedding that had a high and elaborate ceiling, and I proceeded to it. There were also side rooms where I could set my phone and take pictures. It’s always fun to visit new places dressed, ones you have been to a number of times, but dressed a bit differently. 

After about a half hour of wandering around and taking pictures, I headed to Refresh, a thrift store I had seen but had not been to before. It had lots of nice clothes, and a second floor devoted to formal wear and prom dresses. My GG friend Ms. Dee-ism is looking for a more formal dress for a wedding we are both going to attend (she can wear a dress to the wedding; I won’t be). I was walking through the racks, taking pictures of dresses and texting the pictures to her. She was interested enough we later made plans for a shopping trip to the store at a later date. I tried on a few things, a splurged and spent $7 for a cute summer dress that will eventually show up in these pages. 

As to the actual race, I did pretty well, running 55 minutes and change. I finished just out of the top 150 (out of over 1,000 entries), but had my two run win streak snapped by a runner, from all places, Cleveland (no it wasn’t Kan-Dee; we are in different age groups and she is a shot horse*). I consider myself the local champion. Maybe come October I’ll pull out my Dee running outfit and see if Dee can get a win.

*editorial comment


9 Responses

  1. What is a shot horse?

    Great vignette and pics.

    I remember Union Station as a upscale mall, complete with upscale restaurants.

    Of course I left StL before Westport became a ghost town.

    I thoroughly enjoy my Sundees with you!

    1. Thanks!

      The “shot horse” reference was added by hostess and editor Kan-Dee, making a not-so-subtle reference to her running these days.

      Union Station has an aquarium and a big wheel now. I haven’t been to Westport for a long time so I don’t know what it’s like these days. Chesterfield Mall, where I bought some Dee clothes before I started going out (shopping as a guy) is set to be demolished in August. Things change.

      Glad I bring pleasure to you (and everyone else) these Sun-Dees.

  2. Dee,
    What a fun adventure!
    First, you look wonderful in every photo! Did you a tripod or have a friend take them?
    Your soft smile is heartwarming!
    Congrats on the race!
    And, aren’t thrift stores the true treasure trove for ladies like us? I bought 4 dresses a week ago and paid $17.
    Keep “going girl”

    1. No tripod. I just found a place to set the phone that was out of the way so I could pose without distractions.

      Thanks on the smile and the race.

      The fun part of thrift stores is I find them and then share with my GG friends. My friend Ms. Dee-ism went shopping again with Michelle and I, and Ms. Dee-ism has been back without me and has recommended it to others.

  3. Congrats on the time, Dee. That’s a great one. I suspect I am in one age group below you, Although my running is on hold right now. Pickleball is getting in the way and biking is easier on the knees. You look great. Take care.

    1. Thanks! I have played a bit of pickleball but I still play tennis regularly, plus a lot of biking to do my triathlon prep. Need to swim more though. I guess if I could swim at my local Y in a bikini I might be more motivated swim more often.

  4. Love your confidence Dee. It is so wonderful seeing such a confident gorgeous woman out and about. I have that confidence as well, my only difficulty is from my wife.
    Dee keep enjoying who you are !!!

    1. Thanks.

      I’m not sure it’s confidence or just that these days IDGAF.

      Having my wife away for two months helps me avoid the wife issues, at least for a while.

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