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Thursdays (of Late)

What's she up to this time?

As I have discussed, I booked an eight week set of improv classes on Thursdays. I tend to then make a whole Kandi day of it, even though the classes are not until 7:30 PM.

February 2, 2023 I had a class. I needed to get a medical procedure, so I scheduled it for…you guessed it, a Thursday. I have neuropathy, my hands (actually one hand) and feet get numb. When I ran my most recent marathon, last October, my feet felt as if I had frostbite for about 18 miles of the race. I actually stopped a few times to remove my shoes and try to massage my feet back to life. I wanted to quit, but had no idea how to get back, so I gutted out what was an unacceptable performance and time.

Now to bore you with details. Other than the neuropathy, my legs have never felt better! They are strong and I am quick to the point of awing the people I play pickleball with when I get to balls most cannot. I am as quick at a 20 year old, just not nearly as skilled when I get there. Lately though, my left arm goes numb from the elbow to the hand, frequently. Time to consult my doctor. I recently talked about an appointment with my beloved MD. She scheduled an EMG for me. For those who don’t know (neither did I), they do two things to the effected extremities. One, electric shocks. Two, needles. Fun, huh?

For frequent readers of Kandi’s Land, you know MD = Kandi. I take almost every medical appointment as the woman that I am. Having a cyst removed form my head? Get dressed! An x-ray? Get dressed! An ultrasound? Get dressed! I know this is going to sound odd, but when the technician (female) told me to undress and only leave on my bra and underwear and put on the gown, it felt natural, it also felt amazing! Long story, short, I was poked and prodded, we’ll find out soon what’s next. It was not painful, but it was by no means comfortable.

I also have to say, I am the luckiest girl in the world! My wife was concerned more than I was about this procedure and wanted an update when I finished. She knows I do this dressed and for her, she only cares about me. Whatever I did to deserve this angel, I am not sure……

I then hunkered down on the east side of town, over a latte, to answer emails and get some work done (I am building something awesome job-wise). I then boogied over to the west side and hunkered down for some blogging, Happy Hour and being called “love”, which melts me, before class.

To kill an hour before class, I walked the mall. I wander into Penney’s and find a rack of 9.5 clearance women’s shoes, marked down to 70% of the clearance price! So for just over $20, I got 2 pair of wedge sandals, a pair of booties, a pair of boots and a pair of nude pumps. Total savings in excess of $285!

The evening concluded with improv class. Always fun, but nothing of note. I am beginning to realize I am not getting any better at this, maybe time to reinvent myself yet again…..


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  1. Great pictures of you Kandi. And oh so beautiful.

    But now I am starting to worry about you and your health. Please, please take good care of yourself. You are very precious to so many people and we all want you to be at your best.

    What a great buy on your shoes, I’m envious. Did they have any 12W for sale?

    Take care.


    1. Jocelyn,

      I just have carpal tunnel, or as I know it as, old age! The fact that I went to the doctor is progress by me.

      I am sure the did, but I saw my size and was focused on that!

      Safe travels my friend!

  2. Kandi,
    Look into Reflexology for your feet. I get nodules on the bottom of my toe box (too much high heels?) and reflexology has helped me many times to reduce and eliminate them. My friend with neuropathy on his feet uses a TENS machine everyday for it.
    And it is confirmed, you are “the luckiest girl in the world!”

    1. Cali,

      I actually have a tens machine, I’ll try that. The feet are really only a problem when I exercise extensively. For example, pickleball for an hour +, no issues. A marathon, pain well before the half way mark. The feet aren’t even the real issue, my left arm goes numb frequently, when simply sitting and/or driving, while the arm is in my lap. Thanks for the ideas!


        1. And I should add, there’s a wedding, exactly one year away today. She can wear the wedding dress though …

  3. I had never heard of pickleball until I read it in one of your earlier pieces Kandi. I see it’s a thing downunder as well. It looks like a lot of fun. I must investigate further …

  4. Kandi,

    I had trouble with numbness & tingling in both my arms and the problem turned out to be damaged discs in my cervical vertebra pressing against nerves running to my arms. You might want to keep that in mind. In my case, using a cervical pillow at night alleviated the problem.


    1. Thanks Fi. I’ve had a number of tests, been diagnosed and am on medication. It’s gotten better. I’ll never be what I was, but who can be?

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