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The Princess Diaries

Another one of my favorites from the giant vault in the Dee archives!

Recently I wrote about the Dangerfield store in Melbourne, and my fondness for the Princess Highway brand (the other Dangerfield brands, Dangerfield and Revival, are almost as cute). Besides the attraction of the clothes, a far larger share of the attraction is interacting with the lovely staff, whom I’ve also written about, Delyse, Lily, and Amelia (and Kara and Lana and Katie, and others whose names I didn’t catch).

The irony of going out dressed? 

I spent years worrying about interacting with people while dressed, so I never went out.  Now that I’m out, the best part is interacting with people (to which I’m sure Kandi will agree [yep!]). This is my thank you to the fun people I’ve met the last three plus years.

First was Cailee at BB, who did my nails; her face lit up and loved my plans, while fulfilling my longtime dream of getting beautiful nails.

Next it was Julie at Sephora, who studied my face, did my makeup, and patiently went through the steps to transform myself. I wrote notes, bought the products she used, and now have confidence in my makeup routine.

Then was Falon and Diamond and Karla at Nordstrom, who filled a dressing room full of dresses for me, let me try on all of them (and more), helped me buy my first (and still favorite) dress, and said I could come back anytime I wanted (and I have).

All gave me support and encouragement, and listened to me, and gave me feedback. They helped me overcome my fears, and gave me confidence to venture out on a regular basis, besides stocking my closet with fun and stylish clothes. 

A second trip to BB a few months later meant meeting Michelle, who was giddy with excitement to meet me (and her enthusiasm is still full on), and Kelly, who challenged me to accept bolder colors (which I have). Last fall it was Victoria who made that day special.

Lately it has been Team Dangerfield indulging me; suggesting, supporting, listening, encouraging. I’ve learned the poker tells. I step out of a change room and look at the face of the SA; if the eyes lit up and there’s a smile, I know it’s a winner before they say anything.

I spent 50 years hiding this side of me, so I cannot express enough how much it means to me to get acceptance and encouragement (and a beautiful wardrobe of clothes I love to wear).

Many thanks to the angels who have enriched my life. You put the smile on my face and in my heart. You make me feel like a Princess.

Editorial comment: Dee told me this was her love letter to those she has met along the way. How great! This is an all-timer in Kandi’s Land history!


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  1. Dee,
    I’ve always said that there’s no substitute for using retail outlets , the interaction is wonderful , maybe they should start giving out awards for the long suffering SAs .
    Like you I could produce quiet a list but sadly can’t recall all their names .
    Early on I realised why we get that interaction , if you watch most women shop they very rarely interact in fact some are so rude . The fact that we are different shoppers gives them an interest , OK perhaps we relieve their boredom but I’ve never had a bad encounter with a SA . Sometimes they may be too enthusiastic and persuade you to buy something out of your comfort zone , possibly because they might not have the courage to wear it themsleves .

    Living full time has changed the interaction slightly with SAs , I crossed the line between a man shopping for female items to a woman shopping . They now expect me to have that female knowledge of how something works and looks , occasionally I do ask an opinion , I take greater care now of hemline length . To a point I have to consider more what a woman would wear for a similar age but I still refuse to dress like an old grandma even if I am a grandparent . I have very good support from my son in law’s mother , it’s very flattering to be told I dress with style .

    I appreciate some have to shop online , I realise what a big step it is to set foot in a retail shop , it’s a mix of fear and excitement . In the early days I aimlessly thumb through the racks , usually with my head spinning and suddenly a SA stops you in your tracks with , ” Can I help you ( sir ) ? ” That’s when you find you needed to do some homework , you have to know what size you are in a female form . I had to make a decision on how big a bust size I wanted , and stick to it . I was lucky my bust size was the same as my hips ( 37″ ) and in those days a 30″ waist so I knew a UK size 12 would usually fit . Knowing this I shopped with more confidence even venturing into changing areas , I still recall the first time I had a SA in with me helping me slide into different outfits , I drove home on cloud nine and far too many outfits !

    Dee thanks for your tribute to SAs , I hope we never lose the opportunity to shop on the High Street , I feel we will always need people to retain that interaction .

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