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Garage Sale with Michelle

Let's travel back and take another look at this one while Dee is jet setting all over the planet!

As usual with my GG friend Michelle, this adventure began with a text. A friend of hers (Paula) was having a moving/garage sale. Did I want to join her and her daughters on Tuesday night to see what Paula had to sell? Unfortunately, I had a conflict, so I couldn’t. But we eventually made alternate arrangements to meet Wednesday morning at Paula’s place. Michelle had texted me Paula had nice dresses, and who am I to resist such an offer?

I’m not a big garage sale girl (or guy), but going dressed as Dee was a first for me. Going with Michelle is always an bonus.

My choice of outfit’s was pretty easy. Michelle had just gifted me another set of Hand-Dee-Downs (her used clothes), and one of them was a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, which I paired with a pair of denim (looking) shorts I had found on sale at Dillard’s the previous weekend. As it was pretty warm (it was around 11 AM), a t-shirt and shorts were heat appropriate.

It was the three of us, Paula, Michelle, and myself. Paula showed me the dresses she had (literally in her garage), and I would try them on one by one in a bathroom in her house, and walk back out in the garage to model them to get their opinions (while I changed, they chatted).

Eventually I chose two dresses, one formal black dress with a shiny color, and a black sheath dress. Total damage: $20. Getting to try on clothes with a couple of judges: priceless.

Michelle had to run an errand but I still had some free time, so I headed to Plato’s Closet. I usually don’t find anything I like at Plato’s Closet, but I did try on some torn jeans and found a winner in a black strappy dress. I always accuse Michelle of only wearing black, and I ended up buying three black dresses on the day. As the saying goes, a girl can never have enough LBDs.

Editorial comment: You never cease to amaze me!


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