Garage Sale with Michelle

As usual with my GG friend Michelle, this adventure began with a text. A friend of hers (Paula) was having a moving/garage sale. Did I want to join her and her daughters on Tuesday night to see what Paula had to sell? Unfortunately, I had a conflict, so I couldn’t. But we eventually made alternate arrangements to meet Wednesday morning at Paula’s place. Michelle had texted me Paula had nice dresses, and who am I to resist such an offer?

I’m not a big garage sale girl (or guy), but going dressed as Dee was a first for me. Going with Michelle is always an bonus.

My choice of outfit’s was pretty easy. Michelle had just gifted me another set of Hand-Dee-Downs (her used clothes), and one of them was a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, which I paired with a pair of denim (looking) shorts I had found on sale at Dillard’s the previous weekend. As it was pretty warm (it was around 11 AM), a t-shirt and shorts were heat appropriate.

It was the three of us, Paula, Michelle, and myself. Paula showed me the dresses she had (literally in her garage), and I would try them on one by one in a bathroom in her house, and walk back out in the garage to model them to get their opinions (while I changed, they chatted).

Eventually I chose two dresses, one formal black dress with a shiny color, and a black sheath dress. Total damage: $20. Getting to try on clothes with a couple of judges: priceless.

Michelle had to run an errand but I still had some free time, so I headed to Plato’s Closet. I usually don’t find anything I like at Plato’s Closet, but I did try on some torn jeans and found a winner in a black strappy dress. I always accuse Michelle of only wearing black, and I ended up buying three black dresses on the day. As the saying goes, a girl can never have enough LBDs.

Editorial comment: You never cease to amaze me!

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