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Thanks Mom!

This is my personal favorite Sun-Dee post.

Dee wrote this for a past Super Bowl Sunday…..

As the normal Sunday (Sun-Dee) poster, I have the honor of being your morning kick-off before the big game. Usually this time of year I’m down under, watching the Super Bowl at 10:30 AM Monday morning. Of course, this is not a usual year–no Super Bowl parties to attend either.

Yes, I’ll be watching the game.

I’ve been a sports fan–and participant–all my life. At various times in my life, I’ve played baseball, softball (slow pitch and fast pitch), football (mostly touch football, although I was the worst high school freshman center ever), basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, and touch rugby league (I was a regular at the Sunday morning touch footy game for the four years I lived in Sydney). 

I still golf and play tennis on a regular basis, and run races and compete in shorter distance triathlons (and hopeful for the resumption of races soon). Playing sports–or training for the races I do–consumes a fairly large part of my time (and a greater percentage of my time over the last year).

And to what do I attribute this lifelong fascination with watching and playing sports?

My mom.

My mom was the second of five daughters (no sons) of a sports mad father (my maternal grandfather, who died when I was very young). With no sons to pass on his love of sports, my mom became the recipient of his passions. 

Mom grew up in Columbus, Ohio, home of the Ohio State University, and was a fan of the Buckeyes her whole life (and OSU graduate AND OSU medical school graduate). I’ve known the OSU fight song my whole life. Thanksgiving weekend was either a celebration–or a funeral–depending on the outcome of the Ohio State-Michigan football game.

She became a St. Louis Cardinals fan when she moved to my hometown after marrying my dad (I grew up, and still live, in my dad’s hometown). She listened to the Cardinals on KMOX, and so I listened to the Cardinals on KMOX (and still do). 

When I was nine, she bought me tickets for my birthday for the 1966 All-Star game held in St. Louis (it was 105 that day, but fortunately we were in the shade). In 1973, she bought tickets for the NCAA Final Four, also held in St. Louis; we watched Bill Walton make 21 of 22 shots in the Championship game.

Her love of sports was definitely passed on to me (although I am definitely NOT a Buckeye fan, as I attended a different Big Ten school).

Ironically, my mom had little to do with my desires to crossdress (I’ve read a number of internet forum posts where members were fascinated by their mother’s clothes, but that was never the case with me). I was always more interested in my sister’s clothes, as she was two years older than me.

After my mom passed away (about 20 years ago), I cleared out her closet so my dad didn’t have to. I donated all her clothes to thrift stores, except for a top and skirt I kept for myself (I still have both, and try them on occasionally). At the time she passed, I wasn’t dressing frequently, and as I was many pounds heavier then, many of her clothes didn’t fit me (I did try many of them on, just to see). I wish I would have kept a few more things.

I’ve never done anything really sporting dressed as Dee; never golfed, played tennis, gone to a game, etc. I have several female workout tops (given to me by my friend Michelle) that I wear in boy mode occasionally, and my favorite running tights are a pair of black female tights (worn without shorts) and a pair of female leggings (worn under running shorts). I’ve thought about doing the annual St. Louis Halloween half-marathon wearing a woman’s top, but I’ve always chickened out at the end (and no way I am running 13.1 miles wearing a wig).

I have done three triathlons with painted toes, and given the swim leg is first, there is no real way to hide them from the other participants. But, while milling around for the race to begin, no one has ever mentioned them.

Though my mom didn’t have a lot of influence on the girl me, she did have a lot of influence on the boy me. On the day of the biggest sporting event of the year, I wanted to give thanks to her.

P.S. The picture of my mom is with my sister, not me.

Mom, no more noble title in the world!


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  1. Two updates to the above.

    I now have been to a sporting event as Dee. Last Wednesday I went to the Cardinals game with my GG friend (and big-time Cards fan) Falon. We had not seen each other since the pandemic so we did a lot of catching up. It was a lot of fun and I plan on doing it again.

    And as it happens, I (the guy me) am going to the Cardinals game today along with my wife, a friend and his wife. The promotional giveaway at the game is a purse, so I will be inwardly happy to get it.

    1. Dee doesn’t do sweat well and prefers heels to high-tops, so tennis and hoops are probably out.

  2. Time for more updates.

    I continue to watch a lot of sports, either in person or over the airwaves. Last night I went to the Cardinals game–the giveaway was a black Cardinals purse–and now I have a black one to go with my white Cardinals purse, and I have a second one to give to Ms. Dee-ism so we can be Twinkies (her term). Unfortunately, the Cardinals continued their season of losing by allowing a home run in the 9th inning to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I also took my android tablet to the game to simultaneously watch the Illinois-Toledo college football game, on at the same time. Yes, I can multi-task. That game was a roller-coaster ride but Illinois won on a field goal with five seconds left in the game.

    As to athletic events, in 2021 (after this was written) I ran the St. Louis Go Halloween Half-marathon as Dee, wearing a bra sports top, black leggings, and “Pink” shorts borrowed from my GG friend Michelle, and my wig. The weather was cool enough the wig didn’t drive me crazy. Sorry Renee, still no golf or tennis. I’m going to Diva Las Vegas in late October, and there is pickleball on the schedule one morning, so I might give that a try.

    1. Damn! My daughter went to Toledo, love that school and that football program, the class of the MAC.

      I know a whole bunch of ladies going to Diva, have a great time!

    1. Renee,
      I know, a cute little golf or tennis skirt would be lots of fun to rock. But if you play tennis at a good level you can sweat a lot, not. And I can see taking a swing, either golf or tennis, and the wig flies off. Sadly I can no long play golf or tennis.
      I myself have skied en femme, sadly only once.

      1. I agree tennis dresses and skirts can be cute, but for tennis you need at least another person, and none of the people who know about Dee (save my wife, and playing tennis with her is a non-starter) play tennis. And if they did, I would rather do something else with them.

        Same issue with golf. It’s not much fun to play by yourself, and none of my golf buddies are clued in about Dee.

        It’s fun to do walks with Michelle (doing anything with Michelle is fun), but golf and tennis dressed is not on my bucket list.

          1. Not gonna happen.

            I get two bags free on Southwest, and those two bags are going to be completely stuffed with Dee items. I don’t have a third arm for golf clubs, nor the desire.

            I have better things to do in LV than spend 4+ hours on a golf course, when I could spend them at the pool, or wandering the strip, or about a thousand over things.

  3. Dee,
    My taste for sport came from my school days , it was an all boys school so winter meant rugby and hockey spring the same plus cross country running and summer cricket , athletics or tennis . Soccer wasn’t permitted officially but we always had a knock about team for after school , I hated rugby but loved hockey and in the summer I played tennis . The school alos had a CCF ( combined cadet force ) , the idea being like mine schools gave a taster for joing one of the armed forces . I tried shooting and loved it so my summer activity was jumping in the CCF truck and heading off to shooting ranges to take part in competitions .
    After leaving school I only kept up tennis so I joined a tennis club , I still enjoy a knock about recently I’ve been invited to join a club but of course as Teresa . I’ve also been on the golf course to hit a few balls as Teresa which was interesting ! As far as my bucket list is concerned I’d love to try out skiing again but as Teresa before I get too old .

  4. Hi Dee,
    My sport has always been soccer. I guess it was. A combination of my English grand father’s influence. That and watching Pele play as a kid. I played recreationally and competitively in College but had to stop when I was 50 due to injuries.
    I”m glad you’re going to Diva Las Vegas. I’m going with the Confident U group. I sure hope we run into each other, I’d love to get a selfie with you and have a drink?

    Trish ❤️

    1. I have never been to DLV so I’m not exactly sure how spread out, but an adult beverage (these days, my intake is limited because I can get drunk pretty easily, and I have found heels and alcohol don’t go well together) and a selfie is definitely on.

      As kids, we played virtually every sport, usually in the park near our house. Baseball, softball, touch football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf–the list goes on. Most of these were unsupervised of course; nothing organized. We’d just arrange to meet during the day in summer or after school in spring and fall. It was fun being a kid.

      1. I totally relate Dee, that how it was for us kids. Out the for right after breakfast and home in time for supper. 😋
        Now you’re hard pressed to see any kids in a playground and none on any of the school grounds. Then the wonder why all the kids are overweight.


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