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Confidence, Part 4

Our part-time Aussie correspondent wraps her visit!

I’ve written about my times out in Melbourne, meeting the new (to me) staff at the Dangerfield store, including Kira, the fabulous store manager, and buying lots of stuff, including a bikini (and wearing it to the beach).

Before I left in mid-March, I was fortunate to get out a few more times, including being bold enough to walk down to the local beach, which is about a quarter-mile from our apartment. I lugged our sun umbrella and beach chair and stayed a couple of hours, and this time I actually made it into the water, though not for very long. It wasn’t the best of days to be at the beach, but there were people there, and no one seemed to give me a second look (perhaps because about 25 yards away there were two topless young ladies getting all the attention).

I also managed two final trips into town, as my wife was doing things with friends, one on a Sunday afternoon, and the other a Tuesday late afternoon/early evening. Both occasions I took the train into downtown, and for both wandered around downtown and made a stop at my favourite Dangerfield store.

Sunday afternoon was warm and sunny so I wore my recently acquired red and black checkered top and romper, along with my Red Keds (which always seem to get compliments). I ventured into a downtown mall, which features a store with the surname of a GG friend of mine (although the store has an extra “N” at the end), and into a department store, which unfortunately has replaced their area of Princess Highway wear with active wear. I finished at Dangerfield, and took a picture with Lu, who on a previous visit had picked out the scarf that matches my bikini.

For Tuesday, I had previously messaged Kira about buying her a drink when she got off work, as a thank you for all of the kindness she had shown me. Unfortunately, on mid-day Tuesday I received the following message:

<<Good morning Dee!! An unfortunate form of events, I am quite unwell and have had to stay home to rest! I hope you get taken care of today in store and wish you all the very best! Sorry I can’t be there xx>>.

I was understanding and disappointed but offered her a “rain check” when I next return to Australia (planning to go next January again). I also sent a picture blowing her a kiss. Kira messaged back:

<<You look so beautiful!!! Next time you are in aus please be sure to stop in and we can rain check that drink!!! It’s been such a pleasure getting to spend time with you! Safe travels and look forward to reading more about your travels and journey WITH CONFIDENCE!! I’m so glad to be a part of your journey 🖤🖤🖤>>

I hope to eventually share that thank you drink.
Given it was my last trip there, I tried on a few things, was treated great by SA Eliza, but as I already had a suitcase full of new stuff to take home with me, I didn’t buy anything more. I walked to the food court at the downtown mall, bought my meal at one of the stalls, and wandered around, looking for photo opportunities. Before boarding the train home, I stopped at Ben and Jerry’s, and had maybe the largest ice cream cone I have ever had, my favourite flavour Chunky Monkey (and made a very un-ladylike mess).

It was a sweet ending to my Dee times down under.


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