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You’ve Got Mail and Other Things

Today we clean out the old mailbox!

What would Cali recommend for a new girl in the game with size 14 mens’ feet? So far I can only wear moccasins, moccasin slippers and Birkenstock sandals.

GiGi C.

Sorry Gigi C., but I’m a lucky one, I wear mostly women’s size 10 and some 11’s so I have no problem finding shoes in my size. This is a question I get asked a lot. Women will come up and ask where I find my shoes since their daughter or their friend has large feet.  They too are disappointed when I tell them my shoe size. I know that Pleaser is one source that I have heard men with large feet use. And their shoes hold up pretty good. The only other thing I would do is to use Google.  But heels are on the decline, I’m having trouble finding heels over 3.75 inches.


Post script since I wrote this post a few weeks back with minor edits:

Well thanks to the gentle nudge from you and Cali, I found something called Shop for Scrubs out in LA (delivery via Amazon), which has tons of oversized women’s footwear.

Being a simple gal, I purchased 1 pair each of black pumps, with 2-inch heels (the lowest available up from flats). My very first REAL shoes!  One is 15 (to size) in Mary Jane style, the other is a regular pair of women’s shoes at 16 because the store claims they size small.

Now lets see what shows up this week, and where things go from here!

My plan is to wear the Mary Jane’s for special occasions (like my big dress up for the Kentucky Derby next Saturday), and the regulars for church on Sundays. 

GiGi C.

Readers: Can anyone offer any additional advice? Suggestions still welcome.

Hey, we make things happen here!


If you are interested, this is my next movie premier! I’d love company……



This one is not real, just my Big Sister noodling around…….


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  1. kANDI




  2. Gigi,
    Other sources for larger size shoes are Aldo’s and Onlymaker. Be careful with Chinese shoes because they are NOT to true size according to stated length. True leather will stretch, plastic won’t.
    Happy Shopping,

  3. Thanks Andie,
    I just got a pair of Jessica Simpson Therisa sandals. Short for me with only a 3.7 inch rise (heel – platform). But it’s been cold and wet the last 10 days, so I am still wearing knee high boots.

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