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A Couple of Days in March

Good couple of days...

March 16, 2024, up, dressed and out the door!

Nothing like spending an entire day in a pretty dress! Complements were received on the dress at a restaurant, the shoes walking through a mall and my makeup, getting a nightcap (ice cream cone) at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

On this day, I sold some clothes, walked the mall and did some clearance shopping, stopped in at work, went to a library to catch up on emails and had a wonderful dinner with a lovely lady and new friend, whom I met on Flickr. I will not go into any more details than to say we absolutely shared so much, again a dinner many woman have. It was wonderful! I have been blessed with an almost immediate ability to connect with a sister in deeply personal conversations.

I would not have gone any deeper into our evening, but since she publicly posted about it, here is the other side of my evening.

Please do me a favor, if you can. Click on the above two links and favorite them for her.

The picture immediately above was when she and I were leaving and she wanted to take a selfie. A couple, probably about our age, came up and offered to take our picture. How kind! Yes, people are actually very kind these days.

March 16, 2024 no great story, but a cute outfit, working at Darlafoxx. I took advantage of a sunny morning on the lake for a few pictures. I love the t-shirt!

My reality continues morphing. I am still trying to get up to speed on the event planning business and understanding who we are as a company and my marketing angle. All while still driving two days a week, working at Darla’s both weekend days and tending to my apparel business. The real thing is getting dressed more frequently (if that was possible), so I am trying to find shortcuts and ways to save some time doing that. I am uplifted about the possibilities.


9 Responses

  1. Kandi – to answer your question about whether your posts are repetitive. Maybe they are but that’s what makes them reassuring. As I’ve said on several occasions, whilst I could, or indeed would, never do a tenth of what you do, your posts were, and remain, instrumental in my own evolution and acceptance of this side of myself. You demonstrate the simple premise that respect is rewarded with acceptance and lead by example in a way that’s relatable.

    Of course, it’s nice to read about the exploits of other contributors and I personally appreciate being given the opportunity to think aloud & hopefully provoke some discussion here but, in the end, these can only ever show us what the contributor has achieved – you show us what is achievable and that’s worth its weight in gold.

    So to cut to the chase – please keep doing what you’re doing – it’s my daily dose of reality!

  2. Dear Kandi, I always love reading about your life, especially the time en femme that you share here, as that kind of a balance in life seems more and more feasible to me. And what kind of luck is that to be able to get an ice cream at McDonald’s when there machine was actually working? By the way I’m really glad to be getting the email notifications too. I’ve been visiting your site much more often since I started to get these reminders.

  3. Kandi,
    You are the rock that is the foundation of the K’sL site. Your regular activities are essential.

    Please keep doing what you do.

    And when your life changes, we want to hear about it. You live such a marvellous life.

    Always love,


  4. Kandi, I love the dress, very stylish and appropriate for spring. It is always a pleasure to read about your days, so I don’t find the posts repetitive at all. For myself, since I get out so rarely, it is continued affirmation that we can be who we are. Keeping this community together is the best way for us all to thrive, whether we are full-time or only dressing in our home.

  5. Kandi,

    One of your main objectives with this blog is to show newbies, closeted CD’s and others how a trans woman’s life can be enriched my going out and living some of your life in public. So please keep on doing that, you impact more people than you realize.


  6. Hi Kandi,
    Your post are not getting repeative to others, but they are to you. Dressing up and going out as Kandi is become your main life style, that is, it no longer as special to you as it use to be. It’s the new normal.
    It happens to us all as we ‘normalize’ what was once ‘abnormal’. For instance, my fingernails. For the first year or so it was so different for me to see my fingernails colored. Now it seems strange when they are not colored. I am no longer conscious of them unless someone comments on them, which happens 5 – 7 times a week. If I were to write about my nails each time I get them done, it seem very (boring) repetitive to me after awhile, but to others it might give them courage to do it themselves.
    Same thing with wearing heels, wearing knee high stilettos is mundane to me, but not to others.
    Enjoy your new reality, Kandi.

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments about our dinner together. I too felt a wonderful connection and hope that we can get together again. I’m so grateful that you were made time to go out with me. As a girl who doesn’t get out much, it meant so much to me that you made it happen.


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