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Working For The Weekend

More joy...

I cannot tell you how happy I was to find out I was not needed at the boutique this weekend! I was faced with a possible 12 hour day on Saturday, followed by five more on Sunday. Now I get a little down time to get caught up in a leisurely pace, still having two events to attend.

April 5, 2024, my weekly Mix event at the art museum. On my way there, I stopped at to see a client and work on the event I am assisting with in September.

This evening was just wonderful! I was paired with a friend and fellow volunteer at my usual post (I usually work solo) and the two of us ladies just talked all evening. It was very nice. Meanwhile, I doled out hug after hug and connected with so many people. I smiled the entire evening. Sometimes (certainly not always), it’s good to be me.

April 6, 2024 was a welcomed break from working at the boutique. I adore that job, but given all the other things I am doing and how little I am paid (which I certainly agreed to), it has been a bit of a strain. But I made a commitment, so I am happy to help. With the day off, I only had a CIFF shift that evening. I got dressed in what was confirmed by many compliments as a really cute outfit! Downtown was buzzing with so much activity, visitors in town for both the eclipse and the woman’s Final Four, plus every one of the theaters in our Playhouse Square (the nation’s second largest theater district) was being used. This is something that hasn’t happened in many, many years. I was just so happy and now allow me to spin a fabulous tale.

During my shift on Thursday, two lovely ladies stopped by our booth to ask some questions. They were decked out in Iowa gear, obviously there to support their team. We talked for quite a while. I made recommendations on things to do and smiled and waived at each other a few times as they moved around the place. I said goodbye to them and told them to have fun.

Then on this day, Judy, one of the ladies came back to see a movie and specifically sought me out. Well, as you can expect, she got the big Kandi hug! I congratulated her on the Hawkeye’s win! (Sadly, Judy went home without a championship.) She went to see her movie and when she came out, she made sure she came back to see me. We lightly held hands while we chatted and I, of course, got a bit misty. Best hug I may ever have given! I am proud to have been such an ambassador for our fine city and I certainly gave Judy a story to tell friends about the great lady she met in Cleveland!

This is how change happens, one person, one encounter, at a time.

There is one very proud woman at her post!


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  1. Kandi,
    Isn’t recognition wonderful , sometimes catching you out when you least expect it . The question is would you receive the same level in male mode ? Personally I think not in my case , nor would I want it now .

    My Sunday was all planned out having several jobs to do in my old home town before joining my mum for lunch . I had bought a really nice plant stand from a friend and wanted to drop in at a small plant centre to check out suitable containers and plants to put in them . I was so intent on searching when a voice behind me said , ” well don’t speak then ! ” It was a lady from my National Trust group in my new home town , she gave me a hug and then introduced her daughter , so we chatted for several minutes . As we parted her daughter touched me on my arm saying , ” it was lovely to meet you “,

    It’s times like these when I think back to days when I feared so much , not only have all those fears been laid to rest but then you discover people genuinely want you as part of their lives . You have proved and I have realised the hurdles can be overcome , there is no reason why we can’t contribute , if we have something to give people will embrace us .

  2. Kandi,
    I really enjoy hearing about your interactions with the world. You impress everyone you meet with your “joie de vivre”.

    And I was especially happy to hear you were able to have a more leisurely weekend. Being mature means knowing when to relax.

    I love your casual attire. You looked fabulous both days.


  3. Kandi, I think both of your outfits are fabulous. The patterned jacket looks amazing with the black pants, and the print top with the white pants is definitely cute. I love the story of the Iowa fan, you sure know how to make a positive impression! ❤️

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