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Good Times, Great Friends

Trisha returns for another visit!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the only picture taken of anyone involved in our evening. Why we cannot remember to take a few pictures, I’ll never know!

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My great friend, Trisha, made her triumphant return the Cleveland, February 18, 2023. So I did my best to cobble together an outing and our friends Sherry and Sabrina joined in!

A simple outfit, centered around the cute vest. It’s got a fur collar, and the gold zippers and snaps pop against the blue. That also allowed for the obvious gold top and accessories with skinny blue jeans. Simple is often best!

Sherry and I met at a craft brewery and started the evening (okay, late afternoon). Over time, Sabrina and Trisha joined us. Neither Sabrina or Sherry had even met Trish. We had a few cocktails and appetizers and just enjoyed the conversation. No one in the packed house gave us any special attention and the wait staff was wonderful.

This is a nice piece to create your own spin on this outfit!

We then went to Studio West 117, the unique, nationally know, LGBT complex, with a bar, restaurant, apartments and a field house. We even inadvertently crashed a birthday party (it was in the bar, so it’s not like we broke into it). There, I gathered a few hugs (no one I knew) and we signed the birthday card.

We then had dinner and again, just enjoyed talking and getting to know each other. After dinner, Sherry headed home and the rest of us went to a bar for karaoke. A friend of Sabrina’s hosted it. Trish, stopped at her hotel room and got her singing outfit on, a lovely robin egg blue dress and pumps. Both she and Sabrina sang a few songs (until I had to scoot), crushing it!

That was a long evening, so full of friendship and fun!

I will be at Keystone again this year. If you are going, reach out. Find me! I want to give any Kandi’s Land reader a big hug and if you want, the first drink is on me!


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