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Let me catch my breath..

There is a power to that right dress, a perfect cleavage, being positively noticed. It is quite intoxicating. If I had to select that one dress that makes me look and feel perfect, it is this one!

April 9, 2024 was a Plexus networking event. I worked in the truck that day and was able to get home early, getting ready and out the door with some spare time. I went to a favorite restaurant for a glass of wine and dinner while I got caught up on emails. Then I headed to the nearby mall, walking around and browsing. I saw a super clearance rack and found the cutest little summer dress!! I tried it on and could see the joy on the face of the SA whose opinion I solicited. She clearly was tickled by me.

I then arrived at the event and just had a delightful time, chatting with others, meeting new people, making new friends. It was the perfect weather day (temps near 80 with no humidity) in the perfect dress.

April 10, 2024, an uneventful shift at the film festival. Killing it for my second consecutive day, all within 24 hours, outfit-wise.

The only highlight outside of a slow day at work was one of the patrons walked up to make a donation and recognized me from “Bullets, Brothers and Blood”. He happened to have been involved in the production, but it’s always nice to be recognized!


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    You have every reason to have pride about your sense of style and look. You look fabulous, darling!


  2. Hi Kandi,
    I’m jealous on two accounts. First because that dress is gorgeous, what a find. And it looks so good on you. You definitely nailed it girl! And secondly I’D kill to have your cleavage girl.

    Trish ❤️

  3. Oh my goodness Kandi that is such cute dress. Love it and yes it so flatters you
    It is great to find that perfect dress and then once it’s on you know it’s meant for you
    Men just don’t get this and while yes my biology says male I defiantly think like a girl when it comes to clothes
    Hugs Rachael

  4. Kandi, the dress is awesome and shows off your figure beautifully. And I love the cute skirt from the second outfit. I know you usually wear things once, but sometimes when you find an amazing piece, it needs to stay in your wardrobe for a while and worn multiple times!

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