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Satur-Dee Night Fever – Part 2

What could Dee be up to now? Let's find out!!

In early April, after a lull of three months, I was able to get dressed to attend a board meeting of the St. Louis Transgender Foundation. As I mentioned last Sunday, my original plan was to change into a second outfit and go to a local casino. I’m not a big gambler, but I wasn’t ready to change back into a pumpkin immediately after our meeting, and the casino was a good destination. 

However, during our board meeting my GG friend Michelle texted me and wanted to meet and go out, and that was a far, far better offer. She’s gorgeous, she’s fun, and although we text frequently, we get together infrequently. Michelle also enjoys hanging out with me almost as much as I do with her, so that makes it special too.

After the meeting finished, I drove to her house and changed into my second outfit, a LBD I had bought recently at Nordstrom, paired with a black jacket Michelle gave to me, and my one pair of long black boots. I’ve gotten a number of compliments on my boots.
While changing, I managed to avoid getting my tights snagged by her two dogs, Harley, and Sammie, who are extremely friendly.

After my change, we went to Michelle’s favorite bar, Hemingway’s (I’ve been there before, always with Michelle). There were only a few other customers, but there was a singer and we had a nice time. The staff knows her well; her name there is “Arkansas”, as she is from there and sports a very strong Southern accent.

We each had a drink, and after a few photos we returned to her house, as it was approaching midnight, and I needed to get Michelle home and get me home.

But, as it turns out, the night wasn’t over. More next Sunday!


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