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Satur-Dee Night Fever – Part 1

The first of a three part look back at a Dee adventure!!

For reasons related to the pandemic, I wasn’t able to dress for about three months. The fever was building.

When our local transgender group, the St. Louis Transgender Foundation, scheduled a board meeting at a local hotel on a Saturday night in early April, it was my opportunity to get pretty. 

I had a few obstacles to overcome. My wife knew I was attending the meeting, but not that I was going dressed–plus three others in my house (two sons and one girlfriend) don’t know about me. Solution: I wore boy clothes out to our garage (concealing my undies and pantyhose), then changed into my dress in the garage, and drove to a parking lot to do my makeup. However, when there’s a will–or a fever–there’s a way.

In the days prior to the meeting I swapped messages with my GG friend Renee and asked if she wanted to pick out my outfit. She asked for a few options, so I sent her pictures of possible choices. Renee preferred a blue Dress Barn dress I bought at Savers on my birthday last June, but I hadn’t worn out before. Most of my GG friends say blue is my color, and I tend to agree. I’m a fan of black polka dot tights too so I made a stop at Target to buy a new pair.

Our board meeting was in a meeting room at a downtown hotel. There weren’t a lot of guests in the hotel lobby, but I have gotten over my reluctance to be dressed in public. I took a few pictures in the lobby, looking for suitable backdrops, and texted them to Renee.

Renee texted back and asked me if someone could take my picture so she could see the full outfit. I found a volunteer and sent her the last picture.

Her response?

“Wow wow”.

I was happy with my look too. During 2021 I had been both watching what I eat and exercising regularly, and accordingly had lost some weight, and the thinner me pleased me too.

I also promised Renee a surprise. My plan was to change into a second outfit and visit a local casino after our meeting, but I ended up having a better alternative (details next time!).


5 Responses

  1. Dee, I love the dress, you look great! I’m so jealous that you were able to lose weight during this time – I’m working hard without much success so far.

  2. Dee,
    You do look good in blue. And the polka dot tights scream “look at me”.
    Well done.

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