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Bullets, Brothers and Blood


Our most recent film. March 2, 2024 was a full day.

The day began having coffee with a friend who can make some introductions and connections for me as I develop my ideas about how to sell my apparel on a larger scale. I then headed downtown for my weekend gig at Darlafoxx. Nothing of any great note, just me having quite a lovely afternoon. I set up a work area, do my other jobs while answering the door and getting patrons set up. Just a wonderfully full afternoon.

I stopped for a bite and a cocktail at Lago, a wonderful restaurant and bar in Cleveland’s Flats. I sat at a crowded bar, relaxed and enjoyed myself and the ambiance. Then it was movie time!

Now understand, this is a local independent movie. I am in two scenes and I am seen in those two scenes. Friday morning on the local news, there was a piece on the movie, talking to the director and showing snippets of the movie. Both of my appearances were shown briefly.

I saw friends, acquaintances, others I know from the local film community (there is that word again). The movie was enjoyable. I am in the opening scene and the closing scene and got my name in the credits twice. A lovely and full day!

Cast photo, yours truly, back row, left side, next to my funeral (our scene) buddies

Back at it the next day, March 3, 2024. It wasn’t until about 5:00PM that I got to relax, which of late is early. Work stuff, errands and back to Darla’s place. No real compelling stories, so I will simply share my little photoshoot for the day.

The outfit the day before, A++. I looked great. It was very well put together and uber-comfortable. I was in that dress over 13 hours, never thinking once about it. The outfit this day, I’ll give it a B+ for effort, a C+ in reality. The whole thing will be gone before you even read this. The dress, a NY&Co. liquidation purchase from a few years back. It is a small, which back then worked. Now…….not so much. The jacket is adorbs, but tight. So I looked fine, but it was a constant reminder all day of how great that dress was the day before. Fortunately this was a quick five hour or so day.

Excuse me while I hit the sack so I can get up at 4:30AM to go to work…….again……


6 Responses

  1. Kandi, I definitely prefer the first dress, you look amazing. The illusion of shape that it gives you is why I love this style.

      1. Is it Kandi or is it spanx? She will never tell.
        The first dress is much nicer because it shows off waist. The black striping helps to increase this (illusion).

  2. I have been catching up, binging several of your latest blogs. Woman, I am exhausted just READING your schedule and exploits!! I am always amazed at how many things you seem to have going on! And through it all, you always look amazing in your very tasteful outfits. Hope things work out for you.

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