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I’m an Elf!

Merry Christmas!!!!

With the Christmas season approaching, a look back to a couple of outings from last Christmas (yes, I meant to write about these earlier, but time flies). 

Mid-December 2021, we had our monthly dinner meeting of the St. Louis Gender Foundation. As is tradition, Santa made an appearance, so our members have a chance for a photo with Santa–and in this case, Santa’s elf. We take donations for a contribution to a trans related charity or organization (in this case, Transparent, for parents of trans kids).

Before dinner, I stopped at Macy’s at the Galleria and perused the discount racks. I was wearing a stealth outfit; my Ted Baker floral top, black shiny slacks (a Hand-Dee-Down from my GG friend Michelle), and some short boots. I found multiple items to try on, some more daring than others. I have been encouraged by my friend Renee to expand my comfort zones, so I have the philosophy of why not? Even though I might not buy anything, it’s still fun to try things on and imagine where I could wear them–or imagine having a slightly slimmer physique where they would look good on me.

The kind-of-see-through green dress was made by Guess, aimed a younger demographic than me. As I say, I like trying on clothes, and generally I’m not in a hurry. The process?

**Put it on backwards first, then the right way. 

**Look in the mirror. The bra strap is showing. 

**Take off bra, stick forms in dress. 

**It’s kind of see through. Didn’t look too bad, but probably a little more showy than I like.

**Take pictures. Text pictures to Renee to get her opinion.

**Take more pictures. Try to figure out where I’d wear it if I bought it.

**Check price. Do I want it at this price? Don’t I have enough stuff already?

A second try-on is a two-piece outfit. It appeals to me. Unfortunately,  a mid-November visit to friends in Phoenix in November and Thanksgiving has left a little extra around my waist. Again, probably age inappropriate, and difficult to figure out where to wear it, but I definitely thought about it (and afterwards had second thoughts about passing on it).

A third dress is green with spaghetti straps. Again, definitely for someone younger than me, but that hasn’t stopped me before. I decide I can call it my elf dress. I have some green color tights and long black boots to wear with it, and mentally planned to wear that combo to deliver Michelle’s Christmas present the following week. The price was $17, definitely within my buy zone. 

Sometimes you just have to be your own Santa.

I buy the dress and head to dinner. I change into a seasonal appropriate dress and pose with Santa and his own elf, two other members of our group. I avoid sitting on Santa’s lap because I probably weigh more than Santa.

The following Tuesday I visited Michelle’s salon to trade Christmas gifts, wearing the elf dress/tights/long black boots combo. Michelle really liked my look (as did I). She gave me a Pride fanny pack she and her daughter found for me. I have found multiple occasions to use it. 

The next day Michelle decided to go to work in a red top and green pants; her version of an elf look, inspired by me.

Two days later, I got was an elf again. This time, instead of the green patterned tights, I decided to wear my red “fire” fishnet tights I’ve worn for Halloween. Michelle and I went to her favorite bar, Hemingway’s. I’ve been before and the owner’s, husband and wife, are friendly to me (the only downside; the last time I was there, there was someone who knows the boy me, but he didn’t recognize me). It was open band night, and it’s fun to hear live music.

The prior two times I was at Hemingway’s I talked to one of the younger female bartenders, Cassidi. She wasn’t working, but there was a younger male bartender who seemed to take an interest in me. He came over, and made some comment about liking punk and that he liked my dress. Subsequently, whenever he would deliver drinks to us, he would put his hand on my back. Even Michelle noticed. It didn’t bother me, but I thought it was interesting. Maybe he was just trying to curry favor with Santa by being nice to one of his elves?

I enjoyed my Christmas cheer and hope to be able to do the same this year.


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