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Compliments, Inc.

Putting myself in places that I am loved specifically for who I am.

There are two places in the world I know I can go to and get compliment after compliment, as long as I put in the work on my end. December 11, 2022, I visited both of them.

I had a volunteer gig in the afternoon, which we will get to, so I figured I would attend Sunday services at “my” church. For anyone new to Kandi’s Land, I am a cradle Catholic. My wife and I attend Mass when she isn’t working on the weekend. Given that she does work most weekends, Kandi spent about two years of her life as an integral part of a hugely diverse Methodist congregation. For many reasons that all disintegrated and Kandi migrated to a Presbyterian church (forgive the third person).

There I became an integral part of that congregation, which included many from my former church. Then the plague shut the place down for essentially two plus years. Habits change, but I have become a solid part-timer there and when I am there, I am loved. No question and this day was no different!

People I know coming over to compliment me and welcome me. People I have yet to meet, making sure to greet me, make me feel welcome and compliment me on my outfit! I love that place!

I had over an hour to kill before my volunteer shift, so I stopped at a sports bar, had a beer and some wings and watched the start of yet another Browns loss.

I wrapped the day with a shift at the North Coast Men’s Chorus’ Christmas concert. I help sell raffle tickets, but mostly chat with everyone there. One of the chorus members and a friend had a really cool part in White Noise, so we talked about our screen time and the experiences we had on set. Again, compliment after compliment on my outfit. A gal could get a big head from all of that!


12 Responses

  1. Dear Kandi, Thanks for sharing. A wonderful story and surely a happening and very well put together outfit. Love, Franzi

  2. Hi Kandi,
    A mature CDH of mine is having second thoughts of going out in public. She has been out though and is terribly afraid of being clocked. So who do you suppose sprang into me head? Yup, you’re right. It was you.

    I filled her in a bit on what you do and told her to google Kandi’s land. Hopefully she does. Her name is Stephanie Green. You have been an immense help to me so I hope she reaches out to you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and send my best wishes to you for the New Year.

    Trish ❤️

    1. Thanks Trish! By the way, I get “clocked” every single time I go out. And it has yet to ever be a problem.

      Have her reach me directly if you’d like, you know how to do that. 😊

  3. unfortunately the majority of women have regressed to sloppy dress so when people see you it reflects appreciation for dressing as a woman should

  4. Kandi, great outfit. Wish we could all be so outgoing. (BTW .. hoping your Browns can pull one out this weekend. It would definitely help my team’s playoff chances!!)

    1. There are three things that are certain in life. Death. Taxes. And the Browns always have and always will suck.

      I defy anyone to prove me wrong! But we’ll do the best we can Claire!!

      1. There’s that old saying, something about “until you’ve walked a mile in her heels …” Being a life-long Lions fan I think I’ve gone an EXTRA mile (in pumps a half size too small!!) to understand “sucks” 🙂 :p !

  5. Oh my now I love that outfit, it’s so bold and suits you very well.
    Yes it is nice to get compliments indeed, it does tend to validate who we are. As you say yes most girls like us indeed will be clocked, but if your just being you, most just move on with there day.
    Hugs Rachael

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