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Both Ends Burning

Two more outings!

A fabulous song by Roxy Music and also what I have been doing of late. Tuesday, out all day, many meetings and the The Diversity Center event. Wednesday, also meetings all day and then a late evening at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Thursday, December 9, 2022, not as full of a day, but still out.

We got dressed a bit later in the day and headed out the door. I had a second shift (same as the same day the week prior) at Cleveland Public Theater. I had some time to kill so I went back to the shopping area I was at the day before. I could not shake a dress I saw at Urban Outfitters.

So I went back and grabbed the dress and another one and headed for the fitting room. There are never moments like this when trying on or putting on men’s clothes. You might get a smile recognizing that you look good. But I put that dress on and my knees practically buckled! Then I took the second dress, one I figured was way too small for me and it was spectacular. Two dresses sold! And sold for about ten bucks less that I thought!

Across from Urban Outfitters was a Nike store claiming 30% off select items. Our kids were asking for Christmas gift ideas, so I though I might get a new pair of running shoes. There is no clothing item that I go through quicker than running shoes, although not as quickly any more. But my foot pain in the last marathon has left me now questioning the brand of shoes I was running in. Long story short, shoes were marked at $130. Since it wasn’t my money, I figured I’d get one par for just under a hundred bucks with the 30% discount. What I was able to accomplish was getting three pair, in amazing colors, for $125, less than the original costs of one pair! They were in the system at a much lower cost that it said on the shoes.

My shift at the theater was delightful, if uneventful. A great afternoon and evening, for sure!

The following day, December 9, 2022, I attended a networking party for Women in Film. As is my modus operandi, I knew no one walking in the door.

I got there just about when it began, checked in and sat and chatted with a few folks that I had just met. As the night progressed, a few people came up to me to say hello. One from Ohio Fashion Week (we walked together in September 2021), one from my first movie “Trapped”, one from an indy film festival I volunteered for and a few others that I have crossed paths with. There was also quite a few of my White Noise co-stars there.

The bulk of the evening was spent chatting with a wonderful woman. She was nondescript, then told me she was both an actress and a stand-up comedienne!

Kathie and I talked first about stand up. She has volunteered to help me do just that and she is a woman of her word, emailing me the next day to hold my feet to the fire! I am serious about trying to do this.

We then had an extensive conversation about being transgendered. Her daughter, an ally, seems to have some real misconceptions about how we are perceived in the world. Kathie was very appreciative of the time we had spent together and my being very honest with her.

The doll photographed with me here is one of my White Noise co-stars. She, of course, got more than the one second of screen time than I did, deservedly so! Another great night!

The fake human being (according to Facebook) was published again!


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  1. Kandi,
    We would never know about other people’s stories and the lives they live without making this connection , I’ve reached the point where the ” Trans ” situation doesn’t really come up , not unless they wish to talk about it . We are comfortable women doing what most women would do , and it just feels right and so good .

    1. My purpose here has always been to build a community and it is happening. We share, we “talk”, we support, we love. This is such a wonderful place and I hope we can continue to grow our community. Thanks Terri for all you do!

  2. Another great story and your style of writing and not just going on about but truly a short story connects for me.
    The feeling of looking at a dress or something else in the dressing room is spot on for me as well
    I don’t buy a lot of dresses but yes that is a great feeling indeed

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