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Five Times in Six Days

Just another day in the life of some one who takes chances and believes that she will be rewarded for doing so.

You read about Day One of a 5 in 6 day Kandi run, my work for The Diversity Center.

Day Two was another full business day for this budding entrepreneur. December 7, 2022 was another four stop day. I could not be prouder of my presentation to the world and I am testing that with meetings, events, shopping, Happy Hours, etc.

I started my day interviewing another web designer for the Confident U site. Great meeting!

Then I ran an errand for my wife and had a cup of coffee while blogging away!

I then had a lunch meeting with my friend Jackie about what we can do together, to help her grow her revenues and for me to bring more inclusion into the fashion and modeling space. We sparked an amazing idea that I think has real legs….stay tuned!

I then hit a local Happy Hour and again, blogged away!

Finally, the day wrapped with another shift at The Cleveland Museum of Art! I was an usher at for a concert held there.

At the same time, the museum held a huge party for their members. While I am not a member, I am and was treated as such. I walked around the party as members handed me free drink coupons, so of course, I had a few.

I will not do the following story justice. I sat with my friend Liz, who is the Volunteer Coordinator for CMA. Liz was there with her “sister” Patty. Liz adopted a baby from Guatemala about 20 years ago. She named him John and kept his birth name as his middle name. Liz lived and lives in the Cleveland area.

Meanwhile in California, a woman is also pursuing the same thing, adopting a Guatemalan baby, maybe a year or so later. She names him James and kept his birth name as his middle name. At some point after all of this, Liz gets a call from the adoption agency asking if she would like John to meet his brother, also an adopted child in the US. She agrees to do this. John and James have the same birth mother. Liz and Patty, who did not know each other prior, become quite close, literally like sisters. So much so that Patty moves to the Cleveland area to be near Liz and John.

I am sitting there in amazement listening to this story. So these are the kinds of experiences I have being out, interacting with people and simply giving of myself. Why do I give so much? Because I am a selfish bastard, don’t tell anyone this, I get back WAY more than I ever give. Another amazing day in a great skirt and heels!

The fake human being (according to Facebook) was published again!


5 Responses

  1. Great skirt, yes, but I am in love with those cute shoes! I really should get myself more low heels – 4″ stilettos are fun but not always easy to wear for a longer period of time.

  2. Kandi,
    The one thing I missed more than most was doing charity work , I love doing the collection rounds it so much fun .
    I would say you are a selfless person , giving is som uch more rewarding than receiving , all I ask is they respect me as the person I wnat the world to see me as , sorry but the guy side doesn’t get a look in !

    1. I tell anyone who will listen, who wants to get out ab be accepted: volunteer! You will be accepted, treated well and of course, you are doing good things.

      Merry Christmas, Terri!!

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