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Saturday Night Fever – The Dramatic Conclusion!

The perfect dissertation on what Kandi's Land is all about!

In Parts 1 and 2 the last two Sundays I wrote about attending our St. Louis Gender Foundation board meeting, and changing and then going out to a local bar with my GG friend Michelle. But there was more fun to be had before the night was finished.

First, Michelle decided she was tired of a pink colored Calvin Klein dress that she had worn for several years (most recently on Easter). I tried it on last year but it didn’t fit (Michelle and I are similar sizes, but she is a bit smaller than me). I guessed that it still wouldn’t fit, although I have lost some weight lately. 

Michelle gets the dress, I try it on, and to my surprise it zips (it’s a size 8, and I’m usually a size 12 to 14).

Michelle then poses me for photos–which is heaven for me–much to the amusement of her dogs Harley (the black one) and Sammie (the blond one). For my part, I’m just hoping the dogs don’t snag my polka dot tights.

The short answer is I now have a new dress to add to the collection of her clothes that she has given me. It cleans out her closet, she’s happy that I have them (and she and her daughters enjoy seeing me in her former clothes–yes, her daughters know all about me), and I love having her Hand-Dee-Downs. We are about the same size and height, but she is a bit smaller, so some of her clothes are too small for me–but that is additional motivation for me to shed a few more pounds.

As long as we were trying on clothes, I had to give Michelle’s dress and heels a try. No, it didn’t fit (it wouldn’t zip), but it was fun anyway. Her heels were a bit small too but I managed to squeeze into them. In turn, she put on the LBD I had been wearing. Funny, she makes all my clothes look better (she has borrowed my clothes several times, which I love). More posing for pictures, more smiles on my face. 

I would love to wear this dress out somewhere. Michelle and I both hope to have another girls night out sometime in the future, like we did two years ago. Meanwhile, I can only dream about it.

Kandi always tells me when I write about my times with Michelle I make all those reading jealous [certainly me!]. Believe me, I get it. She’s gorgeous, she’s fun, and she likes spending time with me. 

A short recap of our history. We met by accident. I was doing my first girl trip out of town, taking the train for a few days in Chicago. I needed to get my nails done, and she was the nail tech. While I’m getting my nails done–dressed as a guy, mind you–we talk, and we hit it off. That was four years ago.

I’m going to share something I wrote on a CD forum where Kandi and I are both members, in answer to another member’s comment about this night out.

“I obviously enjoy spending time with her, and she does with me. She introduces me to her friends when we are in public without hesitation. I’m lucky and quite surprised that we became friends, but I also try to uphold my end.

She asks me for relationship advice (from a male perspective). I also provide her financial and accounting advice. She has her own business (a salon/spa) and I’ve put together summaries of her income and expenses, and helped her win a Covid-19 financial award from the city where her business is located. I also changed her investment choices for her retirement funds so they have substantially outperformed her previous choices.

I always tell her I am happy to trade spreadsheets for clothes. She also introduces me as “her accountant” and says she tells everyone about me.

As CD’s, we tend to overstate the risks and understate the benefits. I did for a long time. Then I overcame my fears and somehow the magic happened and I made friends. You just have to be willing to overcome the fears and see what happens.”

Kandi and the other contributors here (including me) like writing about our adventures in the big, bad world. I believe all the posters here have a common story; wanting to go out in public dressed, but fearful to do so. Then we all read something or saw something, and told ourselves, “I can do that”. 

And so we did.

My hope in posting my stories is that someone who is sitting on the fence reads my post and says to themselves, “I can do that”.

And maybe if you do, you’ll find your own Michelle, or Falon, or Karla, or Renee.

Ladies, that is exactly what Kandi’s Land is about, has always been and will always be. Dee hit the nail on the head!


7 Responses

    1. Thanks Jocelyn!

      As a CD of a certain age/era, I have a fondness for pantyhose. However, these days most women don’t wear pantyhose, or at least not very often. However, women do wear tights (as least what we Americans call tights), and I’ve seen women wearing patterned tights/pantyhose, so I figure the polka dot pantyhose is a good compromise.

      Plus, I like the look of them, and as I’ve been told I have good legs, I like showing them off.

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your Saturday Night Fever accompanied with some lovely photos. The pink dress is gorgeous and certainly accentuates your bust. My favorite has to be the LBD although I do wonder how far you would get in those heels.

    1. Thanks Brenda!

      I have loved the pink dress since the first time Michelle sent me a picture of her wearing it to a wedding a couple of years ago. As it didn’t fit previously, I was extremely surprised it did fit, though it is a bit tight. Michelle generally wears it to church on Easter, and I told her that sometime I would wear the dress to attend her church’s Easter services with her.

      I’ve also promised Michelle a shopping trip to buy her a dress as thanks for all the fun clothes she has given me. We’ve been shopping together before and it’s a lot of fun.

      As to walking far in those heels, the answer is not far.

      I love the concept of wearing really high heels.

      My feet beg to differ about the reality of wearing really high heels.

      As to Michelle’s LBD, I love that too, but far too small for me. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

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