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Our Contributor’s Bucket List

The girls and I come up with our collective bucket list!

So I challenged the ladies who are kind enough to spare you all from me to give me their bucket lists. The idea, as you know now, came from Dee. It was fun hearing them come up with their thoughts and ideas. I am so blessed to have these wonderful girls be a part of this place. So without identifying who said what, here are their lists, all mushed together in random order.

  • Get a bra fitting at a lingerie shop
  • Visit a wig salon for expert advice on choosing and styling wigs
  • Fly pretty, including going through TSA security
  • Go to a casino
  • Go dancing
  • Take a class
  • Model clothes
  • Figure out new places to go and new things to see
  • Attend a wedding
  • Get my ears pierced
  • Attend the Opera
  • Attend a Rock Concert (Rocker Chick look)
  • Play Craps (Mama needs a new pair of shoes)
  • Attend a Goth Event
  • Get Acrylic Nails (keep them for a week)
  • Go to a New Year’s Eve Party
  • Get Glammed Up for an Oscar Watch Party
  • Attend the Kentucky Derby with a crazy hat. (Okay, I’ll settle for any race track.)
  • Afternoon Tea at the Drake Hotel (High Class attire)
  • Get paid to do a Burlesque Performance
  • Amateur Drag Performance
  • Attend a Wedding (LGBT Wedding please)
  • Model in a Trans Fashion Show
  • Put (he/them) pronouns on my work email signature (this is the only one that scares me). 
  • Have a meal with a friend(s)
  • Spend a couple of full days being me
  • Get my nails done
  • Have a Sephora makeover
  • Be a bridesmaid
  • Fly pretty
  • Take a week vacation
  • Get a part time job
  • Be invited to a baby/wedding shower
  • Go to a wedding (not an LGBT one)
  • Be fitted for a wedding dress
  • Get my ears pierced
  • Get laser hair removal
  • Get my natural hair dyed
  • Have a bigger female wardrobe
  • Lose weight to wear a swimsuit
  • Take a flight and go through check in
  • Be myself for a week straight
  • Write a book and publish as myself
  • Go to a sporting event
  • Go to a dance club
  • Do a wedding dress photo shoot
  • Start a coaching/mentoring business for the LGBTQ community
  • Write a children’s book and publish as myself
  • Go to a large CD/Trans national event
  • Take a cruise
  • Take a class
  • Figure out new places to go and new things to see!

A pretty aggressive list ladies! Many of us have done many of these things and some of them may not be of interest. But these wishes are what makes us who we are, woman at our core. Don’t ever take any of this for granted, never take an outing for granted, never take the perfect dress for granted. Savor each and every experience! I am bearing down on my 1,000th time out and with some photographic prompting (which is why I know how often I have been out), I can probably tell you something about any outing. Some one I met. A meal that was purchased for me. A hug I received. An out-of-the-blue complement. A memorable conversation.

I love all of my readers and I love my Contributors, those that grace us weekly with thoughts and experiences and those that do so when they are able. There really is no place like home and for me, Kandi’s Land is home!

By the way: In less than 24 hours, my interview with Stana (only because she linked it in a blog post that day) became the most read post in the brief history of Kandi’s Land! Part 2 coming soon!!


4 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    What a list….. I can proudly say I’ve done ten yes ten of them!

    Am trying to do more but live in a DADT situation.


  2. Hi Kandi,
    I’ve possibly done 14 of them , but in five years I’ve done so much more , perhaps I should list those for others to consider .

    OK on my bucket list would be taking a cruise as Teresa ( I have done several but sadly in male mode ) and to take a flight . Obviously some of the items may not have been achieved by women , perhaps we should ask if some of us are slightly crazy to even consider them . The most enjoyable thing I’ve done is attending charity events , somewhere in the archives I have a picture of me wearing a spice girl Union Jack dress .

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