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More wisdom from our friend!

This is a recent post in my TransPreneur Group. It’s one of 21 straight days of free coaching from yours truly. 

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Why should you listen to me?

I have a Culinary Degree as well as a Cosmetology Colorist license.  I’m a multiple best-selling author and a peak-performance mentor.

For me, fashion and putting ones self together is a multi-faceted equation.

It’s like baking.  Too much heat or too little salt, sugar, yeast or any number of ingredients… not good.   Even a prep or cooking technique done incorrectly can throw off the entire recipe.  Try making a souffle sometime and you’ll know how to be a humble chef.

Fashion is a major part if your MOJO. Your persona that you pulsate out to the public is your first impression.  Do you turn someone off or on when they first look at you?

Clothing, make-up, hair, bling, accessories, smells (perfume) are all part of it.

Such is the case with fashion which I’ll focus on today.  To make your style all “come together”, you have to consider many factors.

It’s even more difficult if you’ve had male physical attributes your whole life.

Do you have broad shoulders?
Do you have beefcake muscles?
Have you put on some weight?
Where is it on your body?
Do you have male facial features or a beard shadow?
Hair or no hair?

What femme accents do you see as your true self?
Small, Medium or bigger breasts?
Do you want hips?
How about a booty?
Do you like wigs? Short? Long? Blonde? Brunette? Auburn? etc.
Do you know how to use makeup?
Are you taking HRT?

What season is it?
What colors do you like but go with the season?
Do you like dresses or slacks?
Tight clothing or loose?
What color clothes go with your skin tone?

My dark skinned friend Karla Brown is stunning but I can’t wear some things that she can rock.  The same with Serena Stephens who’s got a darker tone skin than I.  My skin tone is of European stock.  If you’re not sure what goes best with what you’ve got, try a consulting service like Fox and Hanger ( Ask for Julie Zisson Rubenstein. Tell her Gwen sent you. I don’t get anything other than knowing you are looking your best.

Let’s move on…

How about shoes?
What size femme footery do you have? 
This will drastically limit what choices you have.  I know. Mine are size 16.
Boots?  How high?
What height for heels?

Do you like sexy lingerie under the clothes (one of the secret decedent pleasures).
What size to get your shape?
Do you want body shapers for your hips, butt, breasts, stomach?

Whew. See what I mean?

The choices are virtually endless.  You need to experiment and find your GROOVE.

But understand that it all ties together.  If you lack a fashion eye, be an observer.  If you see a woman that dresses with style or you like how she did her makeup…. make a mental note!

Maybe even ask her.  Oooooohhhh chills.

I’ve often done it.  “If you don’t mind me saying, I really love the way you did your eyes today.  They’re so beautiful.”  She will appreciate it and you’ll probably make her day.  She may even share what she did or where she shops if it was regarding clothing.


You have to practice.  But it’s not enough to simply practice.  If learning to play golf and you practice the same WRONG SWING, you’ve just practiced 100 or 1000 times how to do it WRONG.

Enter Ms. Awareness.  You must be aware and correct where needed as you progress.

Anyway, I’m rambling as I often do.

Do you now understand my method of teaching?  I’m not your usual coach or mentor.  I use stories and real life comparisons people can relate too.

Now go bake your cake, Sweetie!

Be Strong. 💪

Gwen Patrone


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