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Being Me

How's this for two completely different days. but both so joyful?

This had been a very busy week. Working in the truck for a few days. Our MRI adventure. Obligations for my Mom and a separate one with a friend. More work in my truck job and then it was Friday, May 12, 2023. An 80+ degree day. My body in fair shape. Beach time!

I went with a high wasted bottom, which allowed for some necessary hiding of things (my belly). All black. I principally only wear this wig at the beach. I prefer long hair in this circumstance, I just love the feel of the long hair on my bare back. My look on this day was pretty, pretty good (thanks LD!).

After quite a few early morning activities, getting the truck dropped off for necessary maintenance, getting my requisite daily workout done, grocery shopping (particularly for my Mother’s Day dinner with Mom and my wife) and cleaning up a few other work (my apparel gig) items, I got ready for a relaxing beach visit.

Not much of a story. I thoroughly enjoy walking along the beach in only a bikini. I then laid down and took a wonderful nap. The day was humid, but along the lake it was breezy and cool. Not much more of a story as I returned home and cut the grass and worked a bit more. At my age naps are a joy and actually waking up from one, a big plus!


Amazon’s Memorial Day Sale!


May 14, 2023 Mother’s Day! And a window of opportunity to go to services!

And an Easter dress I would have worn on Easter had that even been possible.

Allow me to share a quick story.

I am seated in the pew. A lovely woman walks over with a carnation.

“Happy Mother’s Day!”.

I smile.

“I am not a mother (which, of course, is not anatomically possible)”

She smiles back “All women get a flower today!”

I still get chills as I write this. Me and my flower are at left.

Got my workout in and got down to getting all prettified. It was a gorgeous, breezy Sunday.

I ran a few drop-off errands and then headed to Legacy Village for a photoshoot. I had the run of a few spaces and took full advantage.

I just adored my look, how I felt and my outfit. The dress was a dollar find but did not have a belt. The two belt loops required I address that. This was the only real option without going black (I have tons of black belts). So the belt lead to the shoes which lead to the purse to tie it all together.

Check out these pretty floral dresses!

There simply is nothing better than being out in public is a beautiful floral dress, especially with a light, cool breeze!!

After the photo shoot, I stopped at the drug store and then went to church. I always try to get there about 20 minutes early. Walking in I had a few wonderful conversations and then settled in to get that flower! I love simply sitting in a pew, dress tucked under me properly, legs crossed, arms resting on my lap, just being. Watching, listening, smiling, breathing, still. Whenever I am in a church, I just relax, completely. I cannot do that under any other circumstance. Maybe it’s spiritual, maybe I am just centered, maybe in this church, I am literally sitting with God. Who knows?

Services were wonderful as always. Greetings were exchanged as were hugs. I have a few husbands that are friends and we talk sports afterward. No one cares that I am dressed as femininely as anyone in that church.

On the way home, I stopped and picked up a few items at the grocery store for Mother’s Day dinner. I got home, scrubbed down and turned back into a pumpkin. My wife was working. I had to pick up Mom and then made my favorite (a favorite of my wife’s too, I didn’t let that flower go to my head) Golden Mushroom Chicken Pasta. Outstanding!

I continue being comfortable as the man I was born as and I thrill to be the woman I have become.

Why is life so complicated?


15 Responses

  1. I love reading about your experiences Kandi. You always look so good and I really like the way you write about them . As I have said before you have a great taste in clothes and accessories I would pretty much wear any of your outfits. I really love floral dresses and of course a cute black dress too, my favourite would have to be a classic knee length black pencil skirt. I look forward to reading about your next adventure and of course seeing your beautiful photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kandi, the floral dress is absolutely beautiful with or without the pink blazer. It is perfect for either Easter or Mother’s Day. That flower is well deserved!

  3. Hi Kandi,
    Braver than me !! Swim wear does pose some problems so I opted for a swimdress even then certain underwear was still required so how did you mange a bikini ?
    Here in the UK we have had some warmer days so it finally gave me the opportunity to slip on my swimsuit to work on my tan . I did intend to take my dog to the coast and let her enjoy the sea but sadly I lost her a couple of years ago so I haven’t found the opportunity so I had to make do with lounging in the garden .

    Don’t we all love a floaty sundress , I still can’t understand why so many women choose not to wear them when it turns warm , I love yours with the jacket , the flower was a lovely bonus .

  4. That floral dress is just so lovely I truly wish I had an occasion to wear such feminine attire
    I did manager to get out for my weekly shopping in one of my sundresses so that was nice
    I love the bathing suit, I donโ€™t think I could do one in public but do have a couple for the back yard and my pool
    Another great post my dear

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