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The Ten Commandments (+ 1)

My friend Moses just handed these to me. We went to high school together.

I. Be smart when going out (regardless of your attire).

II. Be kind. Reward kindness.

III. Be appropriate, in terms of body type, age and circumstances. Be appropriate in dress and behavior.

IV. You are doing nothing wrong, quit acting like it!

V. None of us are alike. We all bring different circumstances, feelings, beliefs, needs, fears, socioeconomic situations, on and on, to the table here. Where I may be fortunate in one regard, I may be much less so in another. “This” is very different for each and every one of us.

VI. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

VII. Be confident. This applies to any and every part of one’s life. If you are not, you will bring on a negative reaction from the general public, again regardless of your attire.

VIII. Be visible otherwise it will never change for anyone. It’s like anything else, we change minds one at a time.

IX. “This” ain’t going away! You can deny it, you can accept it, you can manage it, you can embrace it, but regardless, it will be with you, be a part of you for the entirety of your life.

X. You have one life. Live it as you want, not as you perceive the world wants you to live.

XI. Thou shalt bookmark and tell thy friends about it! Thou shalt start thy day here first, then click to the other sites.

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PS As a follow up to the MRI post. I have a 4 of 5 possibility that I have prostate cancer. There is no more curable cancer than that, so I am truly not concerned. I will have to deal with the insufferable health care system more than I would like, I will be taxed here and there on the money scale and I may end up in adult diapers early than I had planned. But this is no big deal, we all have shit to deal with. I am telling you because, well, I blabber here much more than anyone cares. Please do not feel sorry for me, simply carry on and once all the BS is done, back to normal! I will live my life no different that I did yesterday. I still have Boston in my crosshairs and much, much more to accomplish!

You will hear nothing else from me about this, we are not telling our children, we are not telling my Mom, unless something drastic happens. You all are on the short list of those I am telling. Now go shop at Amazon! Viva la Kandi’s Land!


16 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    It’s wonderful to read that you consider us close enough friends to share your health issues . always being the optimist you have a 1 in 5 chance of not having prostate cancer , I have everything crossed for you . Obviously telling your family is your private business , the point it raises is how would I deal with the same situation as I’m divorced and live alone .

    I know you’ve mentioned your ten commandments before but does your recent news sharpen your thoughts on a transgender lifestyle ? I totally agree with them but I find they only ring true when we are free to live that lifestyle , it can be so difficult when retricted by close family and having to live so much in the closet .

    1. Teresa, I am quite happy with the mix of man/woman I have and do not anticipate anything changing that right now. Thank you for your good wishes!

  2. Kandi, great post and wise words as always!

    Sorry to hear about the health issues and my fingers are crossed for you getting some good news about this soon.

  3. Hi Kandi,

    You have overcome the 1st hurdle of dealing with cancer. A positive attitude which is crucial when dealing with the disease but remember you have not been diagnosed yet.

    Keep your head high, shoulders back and toes pointed then walk your walk.

    1. Thanks Micki! I don’t yet know if I have it and fortunately, we caught it early and it is one of the more curable cancers. I have been through worse in my life and know how to come out the other side. Appreciate you!

  4. These top 10 have always served to remind me it’s ok being me and I appreciate it.
    Kandi you got this and will come through it like a champ and I will pray for total healing

    Hugs Rachael

  5. Kandi,
    If it is cancer, seek out the best specialist in your area and deal with it as soon as possible. My brother has been dealing with this for years and another friend had theirs removed about 6 years ago. Both are still alive today.
    As to telling your mother and family, its up to you; I didn’t tell my mother of my April surgery/hospital stay until a week after it was over. And that was only to distract her.
    Good Luck.

    1. Thanks Cali! I still do not yet know if I have cancer, so if I don’t, I don’t wish to alarm loved ones.

      Once all the information is gathered, I will attack it aggressively and move forward.

  6. Kandi, I’m sending healing thoughts to you and keeping my fingers crossed for a negative diagnosis. Meeting you in Boston would be amazing!

  7. Kandi,

    I want to wish you the best and, whatever happens, we will always be here for you.

    Take care,

  8. Kandi,
    Great commandments that I have and will continue to live by, my Friend. Thanks
    Great attitude about the prostate cancer. No big deal and added to my prayer list for quiet, distant support!
    Much Love,

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