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New and Improved!

Welcome, come on in!

This week and this week only, the good doctor’s post will run on Monday.

Today is the second anniversary of the move into our new home here at Kandi’s Land! To celebrate, we have made what I believe to be some great changes. As I have recently indicated, I have personally sunk money into the services of the fabulous Michelle from Walder Studios. Right now, this venture is a labor of love and what I believe to be of great service to many ladies out there. That will never change. But I must do whatever I can to at least pay the light bills, as it were. To that end, we have cut back a little on the Google ads and have been including Amazon links, which help cover the costs of the blog.

Michelle made things much cleaner, more attractive, much more streamlined. She has allowed easy access to our rich archive of past posts and shined a spotlight on our brilliant contributors. Gwen and Dee are now also more accessible, as they have been tentpoles for our success so far.

We have added and will continue adding new features, different options and ideas. We will do our best to engage our community of readers. Kandi’s Land is about love, support and acceptance. There are many fine blogs out there that deal with the array of interpretations for those with gender issues. Issues is not meant in the negative, it is meant to highlight that fact that we are all different, we perceive and demonstrate how we express these feelings differently.

So here are the house rules:

No politics, ever! Others do a better job of discussing that than I and I don’t want politics spoiling what we have here. Right, wrong or indifferent, I have never left a political discussion feeling uplifted, even when speaking to some one with similar views.

We are a PG-13 site. We all have genitals, so if I am interested, I will look at my own.

No whining, let’s try to be uplifting, but honest. We all have issues in life to deal with, we all have unique circumstances. You can certainly seek information, help or advice, but don’t come here to complain. We are a community and we support each other.

If you have something to say or a story to tell, the floor is yours. If you wish to become a regular contributor, the door is always open. Just reach out to me and we’ll get you all set up. We’ve just added Crystal, whom you will meet soon and it now on our Contributors page.

Please feel free to comment. Stories and experiences are always better when shared, enriched by commonalities. Is there a link or resource you would like to see added? Let me know.

Now I have a question for you….yes, you there! What would the interest be in my offering the ability to have a chat with me on any topic you would like? We could discuss fashion, your look, presentation tips, experiences or just talk. If I get enough positive feedback on this, I would then invest in a scheduling mechanism for such talks. There would have to be a charge for this as it would require a time commitment on my part. To take this a step further, would anyone be interested in my creating a virtual chat room so that more ladies could get involved in a conversation? I would need significant interest to continue investing real money. Time, I am willing to invest. I am dedicated and committed to creating, building and supporting community, a community of like-minded ladies.

Yesterday I was honored to have the above photo added to an exhibit in Cleveland’s LGBTQ+ complex, Studio West 117, as part of This is Trans: A Photography Journey of Love and Awareness.  Now today, I am filled with pride to announce this newly renovated and updated Kandi’s Land!

Grab some coffee, find one of our docents and check it out.

If any reader can make a connection for me with someone involved with purchasing large amounts of custom-designed apparel, such as shirts, hoodies, jackets, and especially t-shirts, it would be appreciated. These items are increasingly being used by companies as a modern strategy to brand themselves as well as their products and offerings.  This is what I do to make a living as well as supplementing Kandi’s Land. Please reach out to me privately. Referrals, ideas, suggestions, help in any way would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.


15 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi,
    I’m excited for the new Kandi’s Land and I think the virtual chat room is a very good idea. I think it would bring us girls closer together and make everything else feel like we’re family.

    Trish ❤️

    1. Trish, I agree with you on the chat room. However, I need more than one person interested. I would need quite a few.

      Your recent makeover was beautiful!!

      1. I don’t think interest would be an issue. It’s probably the “you build and they will come” type of thing. All I can go by is how popular the chat rooms are on CDH. Is it a super expensive thing to set up? Being totally non techie I wouldn’t have a clue.

        1. Trish, All I know it would cost me more money and this is a money losing proposition already. Plus if CDH has a foothold on chatting within the community, how would I attract them away? I’m going to let the site breathe a little and learn more about what I cannot do before making any real decisions. Thanks for your wonderful support, always!

          1. That makes sense Kandi. It probably would take time for it to catch on and if time means money then I can see your reluctance. It was just a thought on my part. Have a great day girl ❤️

  2. Kandi,
    Well this is all new and exciting. I love the style and the arranging into groups of like topics. Well done.
    It is going to take a while for the readers to get used to the new format.
    I also love your picture at Studio West 117. What a confident looking woman.

      1. Kandi, one thing I liked on the previous site design in the right column was the “recent comments” list.

  3. Loving the look of the new site Kandi – much easier to find things and get around too…an excellent upgrade!
    – Kris

  4. I love this blog! I’m so glad you’ve been able to celebrate your second anniversary with some great changes. I’m also glad you’ve been able to keep the blog going with help from Michelle from Walder Studios. I’m excited to see where your future posts will take you!

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